How to remove traces from post-acne

How to remove traces from post-acne

Most often traces from acne remain with people who tried to get rid by means of expression of pimples. If you do not accept scars on skin, uneven tone and deepenings, you can resort to cosmetology procedures.

Visit to the cosmetologist

Address the cosmetologist that the expert has picked up optimum suitable procedures in your case. The quite good and sparing effect renders Retinolum. In fact, it is vitamin A analog. The method of application and duration of treatment is defined by the cosmetologist.

If you do not want to wait long until skin is leveled and will take fresh form, the chemical peeling will come to the rescue. It has number of contraindications therefore suits not each person. After the procedure the skin reddening which will take place without trace in the next few days is possible.

Ultrasonic and cryotherapy is performed in fight against the residual phenomena of acne. Procedures at uneven pigmentation and developments of stagnation are especially effective. It is possible to execute them in cosmetology offices, cost remains at the acceptable level. Mechanical face peel will help to eliminate traces from pimples, but to carry out it dangerously. After it some hems can become even more noticeable. It is the best of all to trust holding procedure to the experienced cosmetologist. Previously look at responses not to be mistaken with the choice.

Fight against post-acne in house conditions

If you have no time or money for visit of the cosmetologist, try to get rid of traces on face in house conditions. Begin with application of srubs which besides abrasive contain acids. It is possible to buy them in shops. Use strictly according to the instruction which is attached. The honey srub also perfectly helps to remove traces, to saturate skin with useful microelements and to improve its appearance. Take 30 g of honey and add to it 5 drops of essential oil of lemon or tea tree. Carefully mix, put massage movements on face, avoiding eye area. Wash cool water. After the peeling procedures you apply cream with the bleaching effect – it will help to level tone of skin in short time. As a rule, as a part of means it is possible to see extracts of citrus, parsley juice, etc. Do not forget to look after skin daily. For this purpose wash only special gels, later wipe face with tonic and only then you apply cream. Choose the means enriched with vitamin supplements. At regular and correct leaving the tone will be leveled, small scars will disappear, and deeper will become less noticeable. If nothing helps or you want all and at once, then at your service cosmetology offices.

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