How to remove varnish from nails

How to remove varnish from nails

Many girls liking to paint often nails hate to remove varnish from nails. Good liquid for varnish removal and also the small cunnings helping to remove varnish quickly and without serious consequences will help to make this process by more comfortable.

It is required to you

  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - sticks from orange tree;
  • - foil.


1. The easiest way to remove varnish - to erase it by means of special liquid. Moisten in it cotton pad and apply it to nail. Then make several movements from the basis to edge of plate. Try that varnish was not smeared on skin. If it has occurred, take new disk, moisten it with liquid and repeat the procedure. Thus it is good to remove glossy enamels, varnishes jellies, means with opaque texture.

2. You can use liquid with acetone or without it. Consider that the more in means of nutritious additives and oils, the varnish will be worse to be removed. Never use pure acetone, it very much dries nails, does them yellow and fragile. For removal of varnishes-gels there are special liquids, but you with success can use and usual.

3. Great way to remove glossy or matt lacquer - special jar with the sponge impregnated with liquid for varnish removal. It is only enough to implant finger into cut in sponge, and then to get it already without varnish. All procedure takes no more than 10 seconds. A little more time can be necessary for several layers of dense varnish.

4. If you often recolour nails and use different shades of varnish, get two jars. One will help you to remove light enamels, by means of another you will delete dark and bright varnishes. After a while the sponge will become soiled and will soil fingers. It is the sign that the jar needs to be replaced with new.

5. It is the most difficult to remove varnishes with glitter and also means of sand textures. For removal of such manicure you need liquid for varnish removal, cotton pads and food foil. In advance cut disks in half, divide foil into pieces.

6. Moisten halves of disks with liquid for varnish removal. Then wrap disks around nails, and atop densely roll up each finger foil. Leave this compress for 10 minutes, and then accurately unwind strips. Try to erase varnish. If it was not softened, add still liquid and repeat the procedure. Especially stubborn spangles can be removed by means of wooden stick for manicure.

7. The same trick with foil will help to remove gel polish. However after the covering will be softened, it should be deleted manually. Take set of sticks of orange tree and scrape off varnish movements from cuticle to nail tip. Act carefully not to injure skin. In conclusion wipe nails with the clean tampon moistened in liquid for varnish removal.

8. Those who do not like to erase varnish can use novelty - special base. It is applied on varnish, and in several days is removed together with it as film. Such covering especially will suit those who love enamels with spangles, but does not want to overdry nails liquid for varnish removal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team