How to remove vascular asterisks standing

How to remove vascular asterisks standing

It became warm, and you want to wear shorts, but there were standing multiple blood vessels seen under skin. On hips, on back part of knees and around anklebones even the whole spider lines.

Whether it is possible to get rid of them? Yes, it is possible. Removal of blood vessels standing differs from found on face. It is necessary to consider that blood vessels standing have large diameter, are located more deeply, and blood circulates in them under more high pressure.

""Spider lines"" standing appear for various reasons. First of all, it causes in them the complicated blood circulation in the lower extremities. That the leak from legs to heart, blood has to move against gravitation forces up. Therefore its movement has to be supported. Not only the heart pumping blood, but also venous valves thanks to which blood does not recede during phase of relaxation of heart is responsible for it.

Besides, veins which work strongly supports blood-groove are located between muscles. However, if valves are inefficient or muscles of legs do not work, blood pressure in calves or hips increases, and blood vessels begin to extend, and over time they increase.

Other contributing factors of emergence of blood vessels standing are genetic trends and the previous diseases (for example, thrombosis). Spidery veins also favor to pregnancy, the adolescence and menopause. It is connected with hormonal changes which weaken muscle work in walls of vessels, reducing their ability to be reduced and stretch.

The correct diagnostics has to precede the closing capillaries. If the reason and degree of venous insufficiency are not established, there is risk (especially in cases of heavy insufficiency) that procedures of closing of vessels will not be effective, or closing of vessel in one place can lead to new leg in another. If the problem of venous insufficiency is excluded, then vessels of legs can be closed by means of laser therapy or sclerotherapy. Both methods damage walls of vessels and coagulate the blood which is contained in them. Then the damaged structures are absorbed.

The sclerosing terapiyaona consists of introduction to vein of medicine which damages walls of blood vessels. It is quite simple procedure which does not demand the special equipment, except for the syringe, needle and medicine. Its shortcoming is that process of damage of walls of vessel cannot be controlled completely. Besides, after sclerotherapy the risk of hyperpegmentation from blood is slightly higher, than after laser therapy. Laser terapiyalazerny therapy works by radiation of fabric with the corresponding wavelength and energy. In the lasers used for removal of blood vessels standing the infrared radiation is used (the corresponding type of the laser has to be used). It is very important that lasers which delete blood vessels on face are not suitable for removal of blood vessels standing. As vessels standing it is more, more deeply also demand long wave which gets more deeply and has big power.

The best is the dlinnoimpulsny neodymium YAG laser. Devices which work worse will not have any effect. It is also necessary to remember that for achievement of good effect it is necessary to perform from 3 to 5 procedures, and the efficiency of laser therapy reaches about 70%. You have to wait for about 5-6 months for full result.

Unfortunately, though laser therapy is one of the best methods of removal of small and average vessels, it is necessary to remember that for 100% it is difficult to level them. First of all vessels standing can be different flowers — red, blue, green, violet. To remove the easiest way red, but the more their color becomes blue, the more difficult. The complexity of removal of capillaries also increases, the below they are on leg — the it is more difficult to remove them on anklebone.

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