How to remove wart at the cosmetologist

How to remove wart at the cosmetologist

Quite unpleasantly on the body to observe new growths in the form of warts. They can appear at any age, at all seasons of the year and in the most unexpected places. Dermatologists recommend not to disregard this fact, and to delete formations.

Beauty shops render services in removal of warts from body. It is not necessary to get rid independently of the disturbing new growths on skin, it is better to trust in the expert who will make it more effective and almost without serious consequences. Such operation is performed in several ways.

Removal of warts liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy - technique in which liquid nitrogen is applied to removal of warts. This type of the cosmetic procedure is recognized as the most sparing. Temperature of liquid nitrogen - 190 wasps. Under the influence of cold the blood vessels become already, the blood-groove slows down, the metabolism stops and fabric dies off. It is enough to influence integuments within 30 seconds for achievement of the necessary effect.

After the procedure the small hypostasis is observed, and later couple of hours there is crust which in several days itself will disappear and on its place there will be small pink speck. This method is good also the fact that there is no contact with blood and therefore infection of nearby fabrics with infection is excluded.

Liquid nitrogen is used as anesthetic, antiedematous means long ago. Application range quite extensive. Liquid nitrogen process severe bruises, changes.

Laser therapy

Removal of unattractive warts is carried out by means of the laser. This operation does not demand anesthesia, becomes in only a few minutes and deletes wart once and for all. Such technique today the most widespread and effective. Earlier the wart was removed in the surgical way. After that there could be quite noticeable hems. Also after such intervention the patient needed time for rehabilitation. To delete new growths with the laser quickly, well and without serious consequences. The procedure differently, depending on the wart size will cost. Laser removal of undesirable outgrowths on body is carried out to not only adults, but also children. They are most often subject to appearance of warts as this process is directly connected with decrease in immunity.

If the technology of removal of warts has been broken by the laser, then it can become the cause of severe burn and appearance of deep scar.

If the decision to get rid of wart is made, then for a start it is necessary to consult to the dermatologist. And only after it to begin to look for the cosmetologist for carrying out operation. To how many people of wart prevent to feel sure, relaxed and without ceremony to communicate. Therefore you should not be afraid of them to delete. The medicine has stepped far ahead, and these operations became available to everyone, are carried out quickly and without serious consequences.

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