How to remove wrinkles by means of folk remedies

How to remove wrinkles by means of folk remedies

Wrinkles are nightmare for most of women: more often they creep imperceptibly. Of course, completely the Botox injection can get rid of age changes only with saloon procedures, for example. And here to carry out correction and to make these wrinkles less noticeable it is possible even in house conditions by means of folk remedies.


1. Masks of house production will help to smooth wrinkles. For example, it is possible to prepare apricot cosmetic from the following components: 1 tablespoons of the apricot pulp crushed in puree, 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of home-made sour cream (it is possible to replace with cottage cheese). Components mix then nutritious weight is applied to the prepared face skin and leave for 27-30 minutes. Such rejuvenating procedures should be done twice-three times a week.

2. Natural cream with the tightening effect will help to remove wrinkles on the face. Recipe of this cosmetic is as follows: 0.5 tablespoons of inflorescences of pharmaceutical camomile, 0.5 tablespoons of lime color, glass of water and 1 tablespoon of butter. Curative collecting is filled in with just begun to boil water, after ware with mix put on fire and bring structure to boiling, then means is drawn by 15-17 minutes and filter. Take 3 tablespoons of grass broth and mix with butter. Recommend to grease with this cream face before going to bed. The cream prepared according to such recipe is stored in the fridge in the glass densely closed capacity. Period of storage of this cosmetic – 5 days.

3. The remarkable result is yielded by compresses, for example, oil. For preparation of this rejuvenating cosmetic take 3 tsps of honey and 3 tsps of oil from wheat germs. Slightly warmed up oil is mixed with honey, then apply this structure soft brush to the prepared skin and cover face from above with damp towel. 37-40 minutes later the person rinse with water of comfortable temperature.

4. Will help to make wrinkles hardly noticeable lotion of hop. He is trained from the following ingredients: 200 ml of water, 30 ml of alcohol, 25 g of flowers of hop and 40 ml of pink water. Flowers of hop fill in with boiled water then capacity with structure is put on slow fire for 12-15 minutes. Then ware is removed from fire, covered, cool mix and filtered. Then enter alcohol and pink water into broth. Ready lotion is poured in bottle from dark glass and stored in the cool place. The cosmetic structure is applied to the cleaned skin easy massage movements. Already week later after the beginning of use of this lotion skin will become elastic and elastic.

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