How to remove wrinkles folk remedies

How to remove wrinkles folk remedies

One of the most ruthless enemies of any woman – the wrinkles on the face emphasizing that years do not stand still. As far as possible representatives of fine half of mankind fight against this misfortune, and often reach let temporary, but victories.


1. The spot, most, perhaps, weak for wrinkles, – eyes. Too gentle, quickly drying up skin around them promotes emergence of undesirable folds. What can be used to humidify this site and, thereby, to distance instant of appearance of wrinkles? Well it is promoted by aloe leaves. Juice of this plant is capable to work literally wonders in questions of face care. Everything is very simple: cut off piece of fleshy leaf of aloe and squeeze out juice droplet directly on the skin surrounding eyes. Do it regularly – the result will not be slow to affect.

2. Natural essential oils will be the good assistant also. Oils of peach, almonds and also apricot help, in particular. Squeeze out droplet of oil on finger and wipe problem places on skin.

3. If wrinkles are visible deeply and clearly, more serious means will be required. The nutritious mask in that case can be prepared so: take tablespoon of oil solution of vitamin E, add on one tablespoon of oil of cocoa beans and sea-buckthorn oil there. Densely grease with this structure skin around eyes, on top having closed mask parchment paper. 25-30 minutes later napkin carefully remove the mask remains. It is the best of all to do the procedure for one or one and a half hours to dream and not to forget about it at least several times a week.

4. Perfectly helps at face care quality olive oil which is good for using in the form of compress then light massage of skin is recommended. Olive oil in fight against wrinkles is component of many masks. Here only one of options: mix 50 ml of oil and 10 ml of solution of vitamin E. Apply this structure to skin for five minutes, and then remove soft napkin. Appearance of the first wrinkles can and be prevented. As preventive means it is possible to try application of the mask consisting of olive oil and 3-5 drops of the juice which is squeezed out from lemon. Apply such mix around eyes, and in 10 minutes gently remove with soft napkin. Wrinkles and folk remedies – this subject was from time immemorial relevant for many generations of women in fight against aging. Also there are no reasons today to refuse wisdom of our great-grandmothers who were effectively using many means for moistening of face skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team