How to remove wrinkles house conditions

How to remove wrinkles house conditions

It is considered that it is impossible to avoid appearance of wrinkles. And if they already have managed "to be marked out" on your face, you should not despair: it is possible to cope with them. The creams and masks which are slowing down aging and smoothing skin will help with house conditions in it.

The rejuvenating cream from white lily

In fight against traces of aging the cream prepared from the following products is effective: - 50 ml of water;

- 50 ml of oil from grape seeds; - 100 ml of honey;

- half-liter can of flowers of white lily. Svezhesrezanny petals of flowers are made boiled water and infuse mix of 50-60 minutes (it is desirable to do it in thermos). Separately on water bath slightly heat honey and oil mix (temperature should not be too high as all useful properties of this structure will be destroyed). Later in honey and oil mix pour in the filtered infusion and carefully components mix. To increase efficiency of this rejuvenating means, recommend instead of infusion to enter the juice extracted from lily petals (for preparation of cream take not less than 3 tablespoons of such juice) into composition of cosmetic. Store ready cosmetic in the fridge no more than 3 weeks. The cream prepared according to this recipe is recommended to apply to the cleaned face skin for the night: already week later after the beginning of the rejuvenating procedures of wrinkle will become less noticeable, and skin will gain former elasticity and healthy color.

Oil and honey mix – effective remedy from wrinkles

In house conditions in fight against wrinkles recommend to use cream mask, consisting of such components: - 3 tablespoons of not refined olive oil (cold extraction); - 25 g of beeswax; - 2 tablespoons of cocoa of powder; - 2 tablespoons of honey. Wax is kindled on water bath then it is mixed with honey, oil and cocoa powder. Container with gruel is placed on water bath for 2-3 minutes, then components carefully mix and cool structure up to the comfortable temperature. Apply the cleaned skin tightening cream mask to for 17-20 minutes, and then rinse face with warm water.

House lotion with the rejuvenating effect

To remove wrinkles around eyes and to reduce swelling century the lotion prepared from the following ingredients will help: - 120 ml of water; - 40 ml of pink water; - 1 tablespoons of dry flowers of blue centaurea; - 25 g of the dried-up buds of roses; - 2 tablespoons of leaves of ivylike budra; - 1 tablespoons of linen seeds. To Budr, blue centaureas and buds of roses fill in with just begun to boil water, 2 hours draw structure, and later filter. Separately slightly warm up pink water and fill in with it linen seed, and in 2 hours filter. Both infusions mix and pour structure in capacity from dark glass, densely close stopper and place ware with contents in the cool place. Put lotion on the cleaned face finger-tips, and then cover eyelids with cream from wrinkles for skin around eyes.

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