How to remove wrinkles on nose bridge

How to remove wrinkles on nose bridge

One small wrinkle on face is signal to fight for youth. With age wrinkles go deep, and their quantity increases. Wrinkles on nose bridges develop some of the first therefore it is necessary to approach their elimination thoroughly.


1. Wrinkles on the face appear at everyone individually. It can be connected with skin type, way of life and face skin care. If you have found out that on nose bridge the wrinkle was formed, then try to understand the reason of its emergence. As a rule, such wrinkle is mimic. Track the movement of eyebrows, forehead. Perhaps, you often strain glabellar muscles that involves appearance of unpleasant wrinkles.

2. To begin fight against wrinkles, begin with simpler and less expensive ways. On oily skin of wrinkle appear later. Try to apply on area of nose bridge sesame oil as often as possible. Properly rub it in wrinkles and in hour remove the remains napkin. Good means is usual mayonnaise. Buy pack of fat mayonnaise and you put it for the night. It will help not only to eliminate the available wrinkles, but also will prevent emergence of new.

3. You are not lazy to experiment with face packs. Masks on the basis of oils and medicative herbs are very useful to skin, they feed, humidify and smooth your face.

4. Except food, skin needs the real gymnastics. It is necessary to carry out several exercises to get rid from wrinkles between eyebrows. Put two fingers beginning eyebrows closer to nose bridge and begin to frown. Under resistance your muscles will better work. Repeat exercise on 50 times a day. Put fingers of hands on forehead along its vertical line and stretch a few skin. Then try to frown. Make 15-20 approaches. One more easy exercise: strongly shift eyebrows, but that wrinkles were not formed, press fingers eyebrows. But pressing should not be strong. Also repeat till 15-20 times.

5. It is necessary to remember that exercises need to be done regularly. You are not lazy, you remember that all this for the sake of youth and beauty.

6. If you do not want to make any efforts on fight against wrinkles, then you will suit Botox injection. Botox is medicine on proteinaceous basis which allows muscles to be long time weakened. Before undergoing the procedure carefully study all medical clinics, ask acquaintances. This injection is painless and time in half a year becomes. You will see result in week.

7. Do not forget that besides emergency measures of fight against wrinkles, you have to watch over health. You do not smoke, drink more water, you keep up with healthy nutrition. Then youth will decorate for many years your person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team