How to remove wrinkles under eyes

How to remove wrinkles under eyes

Women dream to remain always beautiful and young, but the age prevails. Over the years on skin around eyes there are first signs of aging – wrinkle. That they did not give foully your age, it is necessary to use the best efforts for fight against wrinkles under eyes.

It is required to you

  • - Banana;
  • - butter;
  • - apricots;
  • - olive oil;
  • - vitamin E;
  • - cocoa butter;
  • - sea-buckthorn oil;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - mineral water;
  • - cosmetic disks.


1. There is set of effective remedies for fight against wrinkles. If you are allowed by means, then it is possible to ask for the help the cosmetologist. The mesotherapy assumes introduction by means of injections of the special moisturizing and nutritious solutions under skin which are directed to production of elastin and collagen, allows to smooth wrinkles. Women after such procedure note increase in elasticity and elasticity of skin, the face is rejuvenated.

2. To smooth wrinkles under eyes, it is possible to use natural banana mask of house preparation. Take ripe banana, break off half and knead fork. Properly mix tablespoon of banana pulp with the same amount of melted butter. Impose the prepared gruel under eyes, previously having cleaned face from make-up. Accurately hammer mask with the tapping movements of finger-tips. In half an hour wash warmish water, blot skin with soft napkin and apply the moisturizing cream.

3. The apricot vitamin mask will help to cope with wrinkles under eyes. For its preparation take couple of apricot fruits, carefully wash up under flowing water, knead. Mix tablespoon of apricot gruel with teaspoon of olive oil (it is possible to replace with home-made fat sour cream). Properly mix components that the uniform structure has turned out. Impose mask on skin under eyes for twenty minutes. After time wash away mineral water of room temperature.

4. House oil cream will reduce wrinkles under eyes. Mix vitamin E tablespoon (in the form of oil solution) with the same amount of natural cocoa butter, add tablespoon of sea-buckthorn oil. You apply the turned-out oil mix to skin around eyes, in fifteen minutes remove the remains with napkin (blotting movements, do not rub). It is recommended to use this means daily, after that you will not be need expensive procedures for fight against wrinkles.

5. Olive oil by right is considered the best wrinkles medicine. The phytoestrogen which is contained in oil activates collagen synthesis, allows to eliminate the existing wrinkles long ago. Twice a week do compress. For this purpose heat tablespoon of olive oil on water bath (temperature should not exceed 40 wasps), moisten in it cosmetic disks, slightly wring out and impose under eyes. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add couple of drops of svezheotzhaty juice of lemon. In forty minutes wash cool mineral water. Olive oil perfectly is suitable for removal of make-up, it well removes cosmetics, moisturizes the skin.

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