How to remove yellow highlighting

How to remove yellow highlighting

When highlighting often there is yellowish shade of which there is a wish to get rid. It can be done in house conditions, without resorting to the help of professional hairdresser's tools.

It is required to you

  • - coloring shampoo;
  • - vinegar;
  • - white grapes;
  • - onions peel.


  1. Of course, to eliminate with the easiest way yellow highlighting visit of beauty shop is. The experienced hairdresser applies professional solution on separate locks then hair get ideal shade. But it should be noted that it is necessary to repeat such procedure 1-2 times a month to keep the received result. Besides correction of color significantly "hits" the pocket. In house conditions it is not recommended to use medicine as it is necessary to consider proportions, condition of hair, initial color and other factors. The effect can aggravate situation then the visit of hairdressing salon will be required.
  2. It is much simpler to use coloring shampoo which changes hair color to short period of time, hiding yellowness. As a rule, the best effect reach blonde tone which clarify head of hear. This way does not demand special ability and does not represent complexity when drawing the house. It is enough to add means to habitual shampoo and to leave for several minutes depending on the desirable saturation of color.
  3. Folk remedies are good the fact that they make the sparing impact on hair. For example, are effective at emergence of yellow shade after highlighting juice of white grapes, vinegar, onions peel, honey. Grape juice needs to be mixed with shampoo in equal proportions, and then to wash up the head. Vinegar is added to water when rinsing, but it is necessary to do it regularly. The onions peel helps to remove yellow shade if previously to make it in water, and to impregnate with the received broth curls and to leave for the night. If carefully to soak with natural honey hair for the night, the yellowness will disappear, healthy gloss and force will appear.
  4. At repeated highlighting it is reasonable to consult previously with the expert to receive desirable shade. The experienced hairdresser will estimate condition of hair, will pick up proportions of the painting structure, will advise means for care for head of hear. It is much simpler to prevent emergence of yellow shade, than then to try to get rid of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team