How to remove yellowness of hair folk remedies

How to remove yellowness of hair folk remedies

The woman can change, and color of her hair in particular. And the variety of modern means for coloring of hair allows to be played with might and main imaginations of beautiful young ladies and to experiment it over color of the head of hear. The image of the mysterious ashy lady or blonde with precious platinum curls is especially popular with women. Unfortunately, it is frequent instead of the expected beautiful light shade after hair-dyeing, the woman sees only unpleasant yellowness in mirror. It is simple to get rid of it by means of folk remedies.


  1. To remove yellowness of hair, it is necessary to apply on them honey mask which only component is honey, and any: both lime, and flower, and bee.
  2. Further hair should be hidden under hat (special cosmetic or self-made, from plastic bag) for 10-12 hours.
  3. After this time the honey mask from hair should be washed away warm water.
  4. Such folk remedy for disposal of hair of yellowness betterof to put for the night. The honey mask not only removes yellowness from hair, but also does them brilliant and healthy.
  5. It is possible to remove yellowness from head of hear and by means of giving to your hair of rich golden shade. Of course, hair will not become snow-white and the more so ashy, but the vulgar yellowness will disappear from them precisely.
  6. To carry out conceived by this method, from onions peel it is necessary to prepare pretty concentrated broth.
  7. Such folk remedy as mask should be applied on hair evenly.
  8. It is necessary to leave the concentrated broth of onions peel on hair on all night long, and for the morning to wash away warm water.
  9. Naturally, it is better to remove yellowness of hair by means of folk remedies which will not do it any harm. Unlike various tonics, shampoos and clarifiers, folk remedies are capable not only to make hair more natural, but also to considerably improve their state.

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