How to remove yellowness on nails

How to remove yellowness on nails

Yellow nails – the phenomenon very not esthetic. They can spoil completely impression about the person even if all other details of its appearance are perfect. Therefore most of people try to resolve somehow this problem, but, unfortunately, not everyone does it competently.


1. Make sure that yellowing of nails is not connected with organic disease. Nails can turn yellow in the presence of problems with liver, diabetes, diseases of lungs, problems of endocrine system. Yellowing of nails can be caused also by fungus. In that case it is necessary not to adjust color of nails, and to treat the corresponding disease.

2. Attentively reconsider medicine which you take. Long intake of separate medicines, in particular, of tetracycline, can become the reason of yellowing of nails too.

3. Just do not try to mask yellowness of nails bright varnish. For some time it will help to hide problem, but then it will only become aggravated.

4. Refuse bright varnishes, especially cheap. The pigments which are contained in them can be the cause of yellowness of nails too. They deeply get into porous nail plate and distort normal color of nail.

5. Refuse for a while decorative manicure, let's nails "have a rest". If it is impossible – use special basis under varnish. It to some extent will protect your nails.

6. Make bleaching of nails. It can be carried out as by means of special means, and house methods. Bleaching by means of special means more considerably and quickly, but is danger to overdo and injure nails. House means, such as lemon, bath from camomile infusion, etc., work more slowly. Some of such procedures demand repeated repetition, but bleach folk remedies nail plate much more carefully, than chemical medicine.

7. Provide to nails "feed". The lack of vitamins and microelements can cause yellowing of nails too. Local feed – putting special nutritious oils, masks and nail baths will be suitable for correction of this situation as the general saturation of organism the necessary vitamins (reception of polyvitaminic complexes, for example), and.

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