How to restore collagen in skin

How to restore collagen in skin

Collagen – the structural component of fabric influencing density and elasticity of skin. With age it collapses why skin becomes flabby and drooped. Fortunately, collagen can be restored.


1. Collagenic injections will help to return to skin elasticity. The mesotherapy is considered the most popular method of restoration of collagen offered by beauty shops. The entered substance in 9 months "is dissolved" in native cages, stimulating development of structural component of fabric. But before deciding on such procedure, it is necessary to make allergoproba. And besides the mesotherapy is contraindicated at skin diseases.

2. The elasticity will return to skin ionophoresis. This procedure is performed as follows: put collagen on face, and from above cover it with food wrap and establish electrodes. Under the influence of current, active component of the applied substance gets under skin, collects there and smoothes wrinkles and also eliminates hypostases under eyes. The ionophoresis at skin diseases, antritis, diseases of thyroid gland is contraindicated and during incubation of the child.

3. Ridoliz will accelerate process of production of collagen. The essence of this procedure consists in the following: needle electrodes through which current arrives are connected to skin. During such procedure there is damage of connecting fabrics in response to which the organism strengthens production of collagenic fibers. At bad blood clotting and diabetes ridoliz it is contraindicated.

4. To restore collagen in skin, it can be appointed termazh – the saloon procedure during which by means of the electromagnetic field warm up collagenic fibers to 60 wasps. At this time the organism receives signal of destruction of bonds in molecules of connecting fabrics therefore in reply it begins to produce new fibers intensively. Though such procedure has high showiness, it is necessary to refuse it at diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes and also during pregnancy.

5. Also collagenic masks can be used. They has the whole range of magic properties: strengthen microblood circulation, accelerate conclusion from organism of toxins, activate exchange processes, fight against wrinkles, etc. As a rule, the main component of such masks (collagen) is taken from skin of animals or the natural silk produced by silkworm. Besides, as a part of these cosmetic mixes there can be fruit acids, natural oils, extracts of herbs and other components accelerating production of collagen. These masks appoint time in half a year, at the same time the course consists of 17-20 procedures which do twice-three times a week.

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