How to restore elasticity and beauty of breast

How to restore elasticity and beauty of breast

The breast is decoration of the woman. Unfortunately, over time it can get out of shape, that is to become drooped, and skin flabby. The reasons of this phenomenon are various, for example, it occurs owing to natural aging or after feeding by breast. But it is quite possible to return former beauty of breast, the main thing is to have patience.

Of course, to make breast tightened, it is possible to resort to plastic surgery. But not all women will find on it means, especially the plastics is surgical intervention, and operations leave mark in human health.

First of all begin to be engaged in physical exercises. It is necessary to do it 3 times a week. You can register in gym and together with the trainer to choose the suitable program of trainings. If you have no time, begin to play house sports. Before any exercises do warm-up, that is warm muscles. For this purpose put legs at shoulder length, straighten back, begin to do rotary motions by the head (in one party and another). Then pass to rotation with shoulders.

Take dumbbells in both hands (for the first trainings enough on 1 kg). Lay down on back, slightly bend hands in elbow joint. Make breath, part hands in the parties, on exhalation accept starting position. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times. Very well squeezing strengthens pectoral muscles. If you hard are given exercises, try to be wrung out from wall or case. To recover breasts former beauty, apply cosmetic procedures. In shop you can buy various gels, cream and mask. If you prefer natural ingredients, make mask of make-shifts. For example, overwind one cucumber and lemon in the meat grinder or crush in the blender. Add to the received weight of 1 tablespoon of sour cream and egg yolk. Carefully mix everything and apply on breast for 20 minutes. For preparation of means you can use water-melon pulp. Mix it with 1 tablespoon of milk and egg yolk. Rub in skin of breast and leave for 15 minutes. To make breast of more elastic, apply contrast shower. Due to its application the blood circulation will improve, vessels will become stronger, skin will become more elastic. Before going to bed make massage with cream which contains collagen and olive oil.

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