How to restore elasticity of skin

How to restore elasticity of skin

Each woman, irrespective of age, wishes to be beautiful and sexual. Condition of our skin — the first indicator of how the organism feels. If after the delivery, new diet or lack of due leaving you have noticed that skin has lost the elasticity, it is a high time to throw all forces on its restoration.


1. The first step has to be directed to the reason of deterioration in condition of skin. Smoking — your paramount enemy. It does skin thin and provokes its aging of put much earlier.

2. Attentively approach food question. Without the correct basis in fight for improvement of your skin, you will not achieve desirable results. Eat as much as possible fresh vegetables (red and yellow vegetables are especially useful). Cellulose (cereals, whole-grain bread) and protein (fast beef and fowl) will also become your friends and assistants. Surplus of fat will do much harm to diet, but 3 teaspoons in day of olive oil are important for skin.

3. Skin needs good clarification. Water procedures should not be limited to some times in two days. Try to take shower twice a day, surely use srub, besides fixed assets for acceptance of bathtub. You can make the qualitative peeling means for skin. For example, the oat flakes or ground coffee beans soaked in milk.

4. Daily after acceptance of bathtub pound body rough terry mitten or towel. It will help to remove the died-off skin cells, to increase blood circulation and to improve metabolism.

5. Replace artificial bath foam with the made herbs (camomile, mint, melissa, linden). Besides, do not neglect in the known ways, for example, such as "Cleopatra's bathtub". Add spoon of olive oil and a little honey to liter of warm milk. Pour in the received mix in bathtub (during acceptance of such bathtub you watch water temperature, it should not exceed 37 degrees).

6. One or two times a week please yourself with visit of sauna or bath, without forgetting about srub. The effect will not keep itself waiting long.

7. Drink about 10 glasses of drinking water or the drinks which are not containing sugar a day.

8. Give to organism aerobic loading. Several times a week be engaged outdoors. It will more than well affect condition of skin and will help you to keep good physical shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team