How to restore face form

How to restore face form

Youth is fine the freshness, ease, beauty, but, alas, it is rapid. With age the skin color changes, its elasticity, muscles weaken and consequently, the face contour changes. Of course, upsets the woman when she notices that in some places the face skin begins to sag, fall. But it is possible to cope with this problem.


1. Carry out audit of the cosmetics used by you. All of cream, tonics have to correspond to age. After thirty use creams, vitamin-rich both amino acids and other nutritious components. Surely use the moisturizing cream. Remember that the dry, deprived of necessary moisture skin is more subject to obvisaniye, on it rather wrinkles develop. Of course, cosmetics will not give 100% of effect, but considerably will improve face form and will slow down skin aging process.

2. Do special exercises for face muscles. Rise or sit down so that shoulders have been straightened. Slowly you say in turn vowels: a, e, u, oh, and. At the same time widely open mouth. Face muscles when performing this exercise are well studied. Repeat 4-5 times, between each repetitions take break about a minute.

3. Train neck muscles. You hold exactly the head, as much as possible strain chin muscles as if pulling in them in itself. Palm pat on face contours, beginning from weak and finishing with strong movements. Of course, at the same time observe measure and calculate the force.

4. Carry out other option of exercises for neck. Lay down, put both hands the back of brushes on forehead, try to raise the head up (the chin has to aim at ceiling), and hands show resistance. According to the same scheme carry out turns of the head in the parties, at the same time you keep hand in the region of temple. Repeat each movement on 10 times.

5. Wipe face skin and necks with ice cubes. Arrange contrast rinsings, they promote blood circulation improvement, have tonic effect. Serially rinse face with cold and warm water. Begin and finish the procedure with cold water. It is very desirable to do contrast shower for all body.

6. After 35-40 it is possible to use mesotherapy or mesoroller. These are local injections of microdoses of medicines in median layer of skin which is called mesoderm, on depth from 0.5 to 4 mm. Due to microdamages, skin begins more actively to be regenerated, and punctures promote deep penetration of active components of cosmetic.

7. If you are disturbed by skin presenilation, complete course of microcurrent therapy. It saves from wrinkles, dark stains and sagging of skin, thanks to microcurrent stimulation. The weak, pulsing electric currents of low voltage get deeply into skin, promote production of collagen and stimulate regeneration processes.

8. Properly eat, get enough sleep, walk more, you watch over the health. both physical, and psychological. And your person will long please you in mirror.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team