How to restore nail plate after building

How to restore nail plate after building

Many women use the procedure of nail extension. It is impossible to do it constantly. Approximately time in half a year is necessary break. Nail plates need rest and restoration. It is possible to recover nails in salon or by means of folk remedies.

Saloon cosmetic procedures for recovery of nails are very effective, but they often rather expensive. Fortunately, there is mass of house ways which at regular and skillful use also give good effect. The combination of saloon and home care of nails will result in the best result and will help to eliminate fragility, sloyeniye and thinning of nail plate.

The salon can suggest to make the following procedures at choice: hot manicure, paraffin baths and closing of nails.

Hot manicure – very pleasant nail care method which has no contraindications. Nails are located in the special container with the special lotion which is warmed up up to the temperature of 50‒55 degrees, oil or cream. When heating the blood circulation amplifies, time reveals, and nails actively absorb the useful substances which are part of cosmetic liquid.

Paraffin baths are also actively used for elimination of consequences of nail extension. Under the influence of heat the nail plate is softened and has opportunity most effectively to absorb medical ingredients, previously applied balms or creams. The only shortcoming – number of contraindications. It is not recommended to perform this procedure to people sick diabetes, skin or infectious diseases.

Paraffin – hydrocarbon mixture. Has bad heat conductivity. Slowly gives heat that promotes deep and uniform warming up. Putting paraffin strengthens blood circulation, promotes expansion of time.

Closing of nail – quite expensive saloon procedure. Therefore it does not enjoy wide popularity, but effect of its application tremendous. In nail plate the special biogel or means containing beeswax is rubbed. Closing protects and treats the injured nails at the same time. The nail externally looks absolutely healthy within 3‒4 weeks. Then the procedure needs to be repeated.

The fragility of nails can be caused by diseases of thyroid gland. This defect can be inborn. It is necessary to protect nails from aggressive influence, blows and damages, in order to avoid deformation or stop of growth of nail.

In house conditions in fight against fragility and dryness of nails after building by good help will be baths with sea or usual salt. It is possible to alternate them to baths from potato broth. It is also possible to make for nails mask of freshly cooked mashed potatoes. The good effect gives rubbing in in nail plate of tea tree oils, almonds, fir or sea-buckthorn. It is possible to cut lemon, and to ship nails for some time in each of halves. For the night it is desirable to grease hands with cream and to put on gloves.

The small peeled potato needs to be cooked in milk and to pound to condition of puree. To apply the prepared weight on nails for 10‒15 minutes. Such mask is very useful to fragile nails.

Means on nail extension will not do so notable harm as illiterate actions of the expert. Therefore it is very important to approach the choice of the master of manicure service responsibly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team