How to restore skin color

How to restore skin color

Change of skin color – serious signal of the adverse processes happening in organism. Perhaps, you do not fill up or incorrectly eat or maybe business far more seriously. If skin has changed the color or looks too pale, use the provided recommendations.

  • - consultation of the doctor;
  • - quality products of food;
  • - fresh juices;
  • - complex of vitamins and minerals;
  • - clear drinking water;
  • - walks in the fresh air;
  • - sports activities;
  • - visit of bath or sauna;
  • - peelings and srubs;
  • - the cream improving skin color.

1. At obviously unhealthy skin color begin with medical inspection. For example, earthy-gray color can speak about problems with digestive tract, yellow – about disease of liver, "wax" can indicate oncology, pale – anemia. To restore healthy skin color in the presence of such diseases, it is necessary to receive medical treatment. If the doctor has confirmed that there are no serious problems with health, be engaged in revision of the way of life and implementation of some recommendations.

2. Modify the day regimen. In terms of biological rhythms, at 22 o'clock the person already has to sleep. The recommended duration of dream is 8-9 hours a day. At chronic lack of dream the level of cell regeneration considerably decreases, skin grows old quicker, and its color becomes dim.

3. Begin to eat properly. Give preference to natural, fresh, eco-friendly products. To satisfy requirements of organism, food has to be various. Except traditional dairy, meat, grain products in diet both berries, and mushrooms, and nuts are necessary. It is better to refuse semi-finished products and fast food: such food contains many potentially dangerous substances from which suffers, including, and skin color.

4. It is very useful to drink for recovery of skin of a healthy type fresh juices, especially carrot, beet and garnet and their combinations.

5. Take yourself for the rule in the morning on an empty stomach to drink glass of clear water. It will allow to remove the slags which have accumulated in night from organism and will well affect condition of skin.

6. On doctor's orders accept complex of vitamins and minerals.

7. Lead active lifestyle: play sports, walk in the fresh air. If trainings rather frequent, they accelerate metabolism, improve blood circulation and improve organism tone. All this affects in the most salutary way skin color.

8. Visit bath or sauna. In heat the skin pores reveal, it gets rid of the saved-up slags and toxins, and the strengthened blood supply promotes skin enrichment with nutrients.

9. To accelerate skin updating, apply srubs and peelings. Upon purchase of day cream choose that which action is directed to improvement of skin color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team