How to return color quickly and most carefully for the hair?

How to return color quickly and most carefully for the hair?

In pursuit of fashion or following banal change of mood many women change hair color. Someone it is rare, and someone often so that acquaintances are not surprised to kaleidoscope of the images replacing each other. It is so simple — to change hair color and to become another, not such as yesterday. From the gentle touching blonde to turn into the balanced light-haired beauty. And in week suddenly to appear in image of the business lady with chestnut curls. But sometimes after all there is a wish to return to itself, to the initial shape.

Stylists have in several ways. Everything depends on structure and quality of paint, intensity of influence, length and structure of hair. You remember, the more time has passed after coloring, the it will be more difficult to return initial color. In such cases, most likely, it will be required to use converter, to shade color or to wash away special means.

The simplest, the known and least esthetic, unfortunately, way is the otrashchivaniye of hair and gradual sostriganiye of tips until restoration of the natural shade. Depending on length of hair and speed of their growth, the result can be seen in three-four months. If curls long, it is possible to accelerate process. Just make short hairstyle.

Less traumatic option is to return to natural hair color gradually. It is the simplest to make transition from one dark shade to other dark. Tinting their roots and not mentioning at the same time painted before lock. Thus, you do not allow to collect to pigment in structure of hair, and over time it is washed away. We paint roots, selecting color on one or two tones is lighter than that which is applied on your hair.

The second way — repeated coloring. But such way is suitable only for coloring of fair hair in more dark shades. It is much more difficult to make transition from dark shade to light.

The third way — use of remover. The steadiest paints with its help are capable to wash away the pigment from structure of hair. This process is similar to decolorization by the principle. Such way is possible only in salon at the master who knows how to work with such emulsions. Before the procedure the discussion about what were used grades of paints, shampoos or clarifiers is led. He studies structure of locks and degree of intensity of shade. And only after it there is opportunity to make the decision on way of recovery of natural color.

  1. Lightening of dark locks with the subsequent their toning. The master uses special medicines, toners and clarifiers.
  2. Highlighting can be used in case too dark shade of hair has turned out. Frequent highlighting allows to make the general tone less gloomy. If at the same time to finish the procedure kolorirovaniye of locks, then transition will be almost inaudible.
  3. Coloring of light part of hair towards the color of already grown roots. It is possible to return dark color after unsuccessful clarification, having picked up the corresponding shade of paint.
  4. Washing of paint. Using this method, the stylist in salon applies the special sparing emulsions which carefully decolour hair and return initial color. These means do not contain undesirable aggressive components and serve as so-called converter of the paint applied on hair. Often it is necessary to hear that it is necessary to repeat the procedure once again completely to return natural tone of hair. Have patience, the way to beauty not always is easy.

Choosing qualitative means, you save yourself from undesirable consequences and increase the chances to receive the best result, having kept at the same time gloss, force and beauty of the hair, not having spoiled their structure. It is better to get these means in shops of professional tools on leaving.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team