How to return density of the hair

How to return density of the hair

Some people get healthy, beautiful and thick hair by nature, and others should make many efforts to support hair in good condition. Decrease in density of hair has the different reasons, both at women, and at men, but it is possible to fight against this phenomenon by national methods. In this article we will consider several ways allowing to recover over time to hair density and health.


  1. Quite often hair lose density because of diseases, stresses, improper feeding, lack of dream and rest and also the wrong leaving and harmful effects of the sun, wind, hot air, means for laying and so on.
  2. Reconsider the food allowance – bring in it more vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables. Make the food various and are full, eliminate harmful products from diet.
  3. Regularly do massage of the head and pound the moistened hair rough terry towel. If to do it daily, hair will quicker grow, and the hairstyle will be more dense as in head skin will flow more blood.
  4. Avoid use of hair dryers, irons, nippers and hair curlers and also varnishes, skins for laying and gels. All these means thin hair and do them weaker. Also avoid coloring of hair and chemical wave. Visit the hairdresser monthly to straighten split ends.
  5. Use folk remedies for improvement of hair. Prepare infusion from tablespoon of dry coltsfoot and dry nettle. Fill in mix of herbs of 500 ml of boiled water in thermos and insist 2 hours. Rinse with the cooled-down and filtered infusion the washed-up hair. Accurately wring out them, without washing away vegetable infusion, and dry up in the natural way at the room temperature.
  6. Add tablespoon of castor oil to two tablespoons of vodka. By means of tampon apply structure on roots of hair and roll up the head package, and from above – terry towel. In hour wash away structure. Repeat the procedure every week.
  7. The aloe and honey also are useful to hair – mix on teaspoon of juice of aloe, honey and castor oil, and apply on roots of hair. In 45 minutes wash up the head.
  8. It is also possible to do mask of the grated cucumber mixed with leaf of aloe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team