How to return elasticity

How to return elasticity

Over the years the body loses former elasticity, skin and muscles become more flabby. It is natural process, the maximum production of collagen reaches peak in 25 years. After this age the maintenance of "the main factor of elasticity" in organism begins to decrease gradually. Simple house procedures for leaving will help to return elasticity of body.

It is required to you

  • Mix of herbs of pharmaceutical camomile, birch leaves, thyme creeping, tributary medicinal, herniary, milk, honey, oat flakes, body scrub, massage brush


1. It is possible to restore elasticity of body by means of physical activities. Choose for yourself the most suitable daily set of exercises which you will carry out with pleasure. It is important to pick up feasible loadings, excessive efforts can lead to injuries of muscles and refusal of occupations. Pick up such set of exercises in which all groups of muscles will be involved. As a result in several weeks your muscles and skin will become more tightened and elastic.

2. After exercises surely take contrast shower. Alternations of warm and cold water are improved by tone of vessels of skin, and smooth and elastic skin will be result of good blood circulation. In addition to shower use massage by rigid brush, previously it will be necessary to apply body scrub to skin. Apply such peeling not more often than once a week. The srub and massage brush will help skin to get rid of the keratosic epithelium, as a result processes of its regeneration will amplify.

3. Besides shower, well help to return elasticity of skin of bathtub — rejuvenating, nutritious and with essential oils. Prepare nutritious bathtub: add 2 tablespoons of honey and teaspoon of rose attar to 200 ml of hot milk, stir and pour out mix in warm water. Or prepare the rejuvenating bathtub from broth of herbs: take on tablespoon of dry herbs of pharmaceutical camomile, thyme creeping, birch leaves and the tributary medicinal. Add 2 tablespoons of grass of herniary and make mix boiled water. In 30 minutes pour out broth in the prepared heat bath. Take baths 1-2 times a week, such procedures improve blood circulation and restore elasticity of skin.

4. For recovery of elasticity of skin after bathtub apply nutritious mask to skin. For its preparation crush glass of oat flakes in the blender, mix them with glass of milk and add 2 tablespoons of honey. Evenly apply mix on all body, in 10 minutes wash away warm water.

5. In the course of recovery of elasticity, not only external procedures for skin blood supply improvement, but also balanced diet matter. Make the diet so that daily to use 100 grams of protein which is construction material for the main factors of elasticity — collagen and elastin. Include fresh vegetables and fruit in daily reception, they contain vitamins and microelements which are necessary for good tone of your skin.

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