How to return shape of breast after lactation

How to return shape of breast after lactation

The female breast is one of the most seductive parts of body. During pregnancy and breastfeeding there are changes which are negatively reflected in shape of mammary glands – there are inflows of milk during which the breast is filled to limit, and then feeding or decantation when the breast decreases again. As a result of constant stretchings the breast can droop and get out of shape, but the situation is quite reparable, it is only enough to make certain efforts that not only to return former forms, but also to improve them.

It is required to you

  • For nutritious mask:
  • - honey - 2 spoons;
  • - kefir - 100 ml.
  • For massage:
  • - vitamin E in capsules.


1. During pregnancy and right after childbirth it is necessary to use comfortable bra constantly. In advance think of acquisition of comfortable model which can begin to use already in maternity hospital. Consider that the breast after the delivery increases by 1-2 sizes. If the available bra has not approached, ask relatives to buy suitable. It has to be with wide shoulder straps, without stones and without internal seams or with their minimum quantity. Optimal variant – bra for feeding as it should not be removed to feed the child.

2. The shape of female breast is caused not only by genetics, but also physical activity. The various exercises directed to strengthening of pectoral muscles are recommended to be carried out regularly. If there is no opportunity to go to the pool or the gym, it is possible to allocate time for house occupations. When intensive trainings are contraindicated, it is possible to do not really difficult, but effective exercises, for example, to connect palm to palm and to begin to press hands before breast most strongly them at each other. 10-15 seconds of tension and the short relaxation of muscles which is carried out at 10-30 approaches will help to bring breast into excellent form quickly. As exercise does not demand many forces and time, it is possible to repeat it any free minute throughout the day.

3. Physical exercises can be combined with water procedures. They are directed to improvement of blood circulation in fabrics. Massage of breast water jet is effective. The pressure has to be such that they could not injure gentle mammary glands, but the effect of massage nevertheless was felt. The main condition of water procedures – comfort. It concerns not only pressure of water, but also temperature. Massage is performed by circular motions within 5-8 minutes. After the procedure it is possible to be pounded and to surely apply nutritious cream.

4. Cosmetics, oils and masks from natural products will help to fight against breast otvisaniye. Excellent means is vitamin E which can be used for massage. It strengthens skin, does it smooth, equal and tightened, reduces pronounced extensions. During breastfeeding it is not always possible to use creams therefore masks from natural products will come to the rescue. For strengthening and pulling up of skin the simple recipe is used: 2 spoons of honey mix up with kefir (100 ml), ready weight is rubbed in breast by the gentle massing movements and is left for 10-15 minutes.

5. All actions directed to return of beautiful shape of breast will yield positive results only if to carry out them regularly. Even it is possible to find in busy schedule of young mother several minutes to give them to itself and the beauty. It will well be reflected not only in physical, but also in emotional state.

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