How to return symmetry without diets and overloads

How to return symmetry without diets and overloads

Effectively to lose weight, not obligatory to torture itself diets and ultraboundary physical activities. It is enough to change only diet and diet and to add slightly more activity. Then process of weight loss will go easily and naturally.

Weight loss by means of correction of the principles of food will not yield the instant and stunning results, but the effect will remain for a long time. Minus all diets meaning tight restrictions and starvation that they slow down metabolism. As a result after return to habitual products of people at once gathers the extra kilos back. The organism was in stress – now it will stock up for the future in case of new "war". For this reason such methods do not work, and bring only disappointments. It is necessary to change the approach to food on for the rest of the life.

Voluntarily you can connect a little physical activity which would be pleasant to you. It is not obligatory to choose heavy sports loadings: it is enough to go more on foot.

The first change concerns the products making your usual diet. Analyze what of them are really useful and what – whim of your flavoring receptors. It is necessary to understand that any chemical additives in product healthiest at first sight minimize its advantage. Therefore once and for all get habit – to read structure. Do not take products with addition of glutamate of sodium, stabilizers, thickeners and other. Install to yourself the mobile application – the reference book on nutritional supplements. It will help to define quickly, is dangerous or not any given of them.

After you begin to read structure of products, you will find out how few really natural products offer shops. If you ate mayonnaise, ready sauces, fast food, chips, sausages and sausages earlier, time to refuse it forever has come now. It not only products, useless for organism, but also very caloric. If you have got used to drink sweet drinks, know – they do not satisfy thirst, contain a lot of sugar and excess calories. You pass to simple or mineral water. If you do not like its vapidity, squeeze out juice of citrus there. Gradually I am eager to satisfy only with water will become habit. All other liquids for this purpose do not approach.

For maintenance of slim figure it is desirable to limit alcohol intake. It is too caloric and pushes to undesirable food behavior.

Except unambiguously unnecessary and harmful products there are such which should be used in limited quantities. If to act this way, they will not be able to do much harm to figure. These are nuts, dried fruits, natural sweets, products from white flour, vegetable and creamy oils, sour cream, cream, cheese. They are natural products, but they are too caloric that to be fond of them. Habit there is bread try to exclude at all, having replaced it with small loafs from whole grain and porridge in the mornings. Eat grain, but not every day and small portions. As garnish prefer vegetables. If you eat meat and dairy products, pass to low-fat grades. Eat chicken meat, low-fat beef and pork. Avoid such way of preparation as frying in oil. Get kitchen grill better. Low-fat dairy products are rich with protein, they can be used without fears at any time. The same concerns some fresh vegetables. Having reconsidered the diet, set for yourself constant diet. Take care that the break between meals did not exceed 3-4 hours. Have a bite between breakfast and lunch. Frequent food – up to 250 g – is capable to disperse in the small portions metabolism effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team