How to return to breast elasticity after the delivery

How to return to breast elasticity after the delivery

After the delivery the breast of the woman changes, as a rule, not to the best. Skin stretches, the breast droops and empty makes impression kind of. But if you begin to look after carefully this important part of body, then in several months will forget about problem.

It is required to you

  • - sea salt;
  • - lemon juice or apple cider vinegar;
  • - starch;
  • - honey;
  • - egg white.


1. It is necessary to worry about shape of breast in maternity hospital. Surely you wear bra. Regularly do massage of breast: strokings from nipples to edges, spiral grindings by several fingers, again strokings, "drawing" of rays from nipples and to edges, etc. Only keep in mind what cannot be pressed strongly on breast, you bypass nipples.

2. Take contrast shower in the mornings. Every morning it is possible to rub off decollete zone, breast and neck ice piece. It promotes increase in elasticity and elasticity of skin.

3. Bathtubs with sea water are very useful to condition of breast. Pour 400 g of sea salt into the bathtub filled with warm water. Lie down in it 10-12 minutes. But this procedure is not recommended if you have heart troubles. In that case sea salt can be applied with compress.

4. Try to do contrast compress. For this purpose take two basins. Fill one with cool water to which add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. In other basin in hot water dissolve sea salt. Begin with hot water. Moisten towel and apply it from below up to breast for half-minute. Then repeat the procedure with cold water. Change towel of 10 times, having finished with compress with cold water.

5. Use special creams for giving of breast of elasticity. These cream, as a rule, contain collagen, elastin, extracts from plants, essential oils, clay, seaweed, vitamins, etc.

6. In house conditions it is possible to prepare such strengthening means for breast: dissolve in warm milk potato starch to kashitseobrazny state. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and one beaten egg white there. Impose all this thin layer on breast on quarter of hour and lie down.

7. At home it is also possible to carry out exercises for strengthening of pectoral muscles. Here some of them: Lay down and part hands in the parties. Pick up small dumbbells or bottles with water. Slowly raise hands up and smoothly lower them. Exercise is carried out three times on 20 times.

8. Be wrung out from chair or from floor of 10 times on three approaches.

9. You hold before yourself rubber ball and squeeze it at the level of breast till 10-15 times.

10. Carry out hands vigorous circular advances and back.

11. If you have such opportunity, go to the gym where the experienced trainer can show you many other exercises for strengthening of the muscles supporting breast. It is very good to do swimming, especially on spin.

12. If in half a year after implementation of these recommendations the shape of breast does not suit you, can address to cosmetic clinic - there are many techniques with use of advanced technologies. For example, it is microcurrent therapy which point consists in impact on cells of tissues of breast of weak electroimpulses. At the same time food of skin cells improves and collagen is more actively produced. Also such method as mesotherapy is known. In this case under skin of breast the drugs stimulating elasticity are injected. But this method is allowed not to all. Surgical intervention can improve shape of breast too.

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