How to return to itself the infantile Piglet

How to return to itself the infantile Piglet

Piglet, as at the baby! If this statement about you, and you not the baby, so was largely lucky you. All others whose feet resemble the battlefield more, we urge to begin uncompromising struggle with cracks, natoptysha and callosities.

We find out the reasons

Our organism nastolyyoko it is surprising ustroyoen that sometimes the reason of troubles nakhodityosya it is quite far from the place of their arrangement. As try to rub heels pumice if not to get rid of the reason, the advantage will not be. And to the doctor not to do us without campaign.

So, reasons:

- Cracks arise on heels not only because of circulation barefoot. Set of the reasons is dovolyyono big. Cracks poyoyavlyatsya at gastritis, diabetes, avitaminosis. The foot fungus moyozht too to lead to treshchiyona. While you do not vyyasyonit internal priyochina, all external means will not help you to cope with proyoblemy.

- Natoptysha is consequence of carrying too high kayobluk or inconvenient footwear. Foot ispytyyovat too bolyyoshy loading. By the way, high heels can even provoke flat-footedness.

- Spurs are kostyony outgrowths on heel. They are capable to cause the real tortures. Bol is so strong that prakticheyosk the sposobyonost is lost to go. By PoyavYolenie of spurs it is connected most often with narusheyoniya of hormonal and endocrine systems. Therefore it is okonchayotelno possible to get rid of this problem only after the visit to the doctor.

- Callosities happen not only from wearing neyoudobny footwear. If you is constant muchayeyotes from them, then to you stoyoit to check liver. Because malfunctions with liver are directly connected with condition of skin of legs.

Ways of fight

To luchyosha to make approach to problem on all fronyota. Having dealt with vnutrenyony malfunction, we start the solution of external problems. Cracks, callosities and natoptysh appear on dry, not elayostichny skin. Our zadayocha - to correct situation. National methods are checked by time and nizkobyudzhetna.

From callosities

1. We soar legs. We add 1.5 tablespoons of soyoda and a little soap to water. On the steamed-out callosity we put pitch of any coniferous tree, zayokreplyay. We leave for the night. We repeat protseyodura every other day four times. Then the callosity can be removed.

2. It is possible to put to the steamed callosity lemon crust with pulp, to leave for the night. To repeat every day 3-4 times. Then to remove callosity.

3. We put on callosity the crude potato nayoterty on small grater, within 3-4 days.

From natoptyshy

From natoptyshy well poyomogat oil kompresyosa. VozYomite any natuyoralny rastiyotelny oil. PropitayYote it gauze, apply to foot, and from above - polyethylene. Put on socks. In a couple of hours the compress can be removed. It is possible to prepare also speyotsialny ointment: mix teaspoon of povarenyony salt, teaspoon of olive oil and five drops of oil of calendula. Rub all this in raspayorenny foot.

From cracks

1 We cook peel from potato 15-20 minutes. Then we soar legs in we poluchivyoshtsya rasyotvor and mayozhy heels by castor oil.

2. For the night priklayodyvay to treyoshchina the carrots grated on small grater. It is washed away also obyorabatyvay heels pemyozy in the morning.

3. 0 t of cracks well help also molochyony serum. To her NagreyYota and parta of noyoga of minutes in it 30. Then nayonesita on legs fat cream, put on hlopkoyovy socks and leave for the night. Repeat proyotsedura until cracks drag on.

4. If the emergence reason treyoshchin - fungus, then pomoyozht celandine. Take 200 g of the crushed raw materials, fill in 2 liyotram of water. Steam legs.

5. 0 t of fungus of foot are poyomozht also by propolis. You nayonesit pharmaceutical tincture on the struck places, wrap bandage and put on socks.

6. Experts on traditional medicine recoyomendut hygienic lipstick primeyonyat as means from cracks. Just to smazyyovayta their lipstick. KoYonechno, for these purposes it is necessary to get separate tube.

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