How to return to skin tone

How to return to skin tone

Skin can lose the elasticity not only at mature age. Such violations are promoted by stress, improper feeding, badly picked up leaving. That skin as long as possible kept the youth and beauty, it is important to care for it constantly.

It is required to you

  • - essential oils;
  • - herbs;
  • - srubs;
  • - nutritious milk.


1. Define type of the skin and look after it as appropriate. Do not use cosmetics which are intended for other types of skin or contain improper to you components. Use the means intended only for your age. It is not necessary to use the withering skin creams, thinking that at it there are more nutrients.

2. Eat properly and drink more clear water. Do not abuse coffee and energy drinks. Fight against addictions if those are available. Avoid stresses. The skin very sensitively reacts to any imbalance in organism, especially under the influence of above-mentioned factors. Use more vegetables, fruit, dairy products, porridges. Surely take care of intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C which rather strongly influences skin tone.

3. Grow thin gradually. At observance of strict diets, skin needs time to restore the elasticity and elasticity. When you lose weight too quickly, skin looks stretched and flabby.

4. Do not take too hot baths. Optimum water temperature – up to 40 °C. Add the grass infusions, essential oils restoring tugor of skin and improving its general state to bathtub. Use contrast shower. But surely you watch difference of temperatures: it has to be comfortable. Fine nutritious means after such water procedures is mix of oil of avocado and several drops of rosemary. It promotes increase in elasticity of skin, increases its elasticity.

5. Use moisturizing milk and nutritious cream or oil that your skin received all necessary substances and has been humidified properly. Do not forget to use in due time cleaning means, for example, srubs.

6. Skin can lose elasticity at various hormonal violations and other diseases. Surely see doctor in case of need.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team