How to return to skin youth

How to return to skin youth

Some women possess elastic skin to old age, on the face of others the wrinkles develop since 25. As a rule, their education has hereditary character, but also is provoked by influence of external factors.


1. For fight against mimic wrinkles it is necessary to control the emotions. For this purpose it is necessary to monitor expression of own face, to try not to frown. During the cosmetic procedures it is undesirable to talk or smile. It is not recommended to sleep on pillow, the high position of the head leads during sleep to formation of wrinkles on chin. Also they arise because of frequent stay in the sun, as a result, skin becomes pulled together and dehydrated. Adverse factors is alcohol intake, lack of dream, lack of teeth and another.

2. If wrinkles are caused by hereditary factor, by means of cosmetics it is practically impossible to fight with them. Here it is desirable to ask for the help professionals. To conduct course of injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid, perhaps, it is required to perform operation on vshivaniye of gold threads under epidermis layer, to execute face lifting.

3. Purify skin by means of water, avoiding use of soap, lotions with the high content of alcohol. Get means with the increased collagen content. Cream have to be nutritious and moistening. Wipe skin with milk by means of cotton tampon in the morning, then put mask from sour cream or kefir. Wash away it strong water jet of room temperature. Then wipe skin with ice piece fast movements. You can prepare freezing from broth of herbs, such as camomile or calendula. Apply cream to moist skin, remove surplus napkin or cotton wool.

4. Purify skin by means of grass infusions in the evening. Prepare them from camomile, mint, St. John's wort, sage and others in advance. In shops buy tonic lotions, use them daily before going to bed.

5. Prepare mask from potatoes. Take the enameled bowl, pound in it previously boiled vegetable, mix with boiled yolk and add 1 tablespoon of warm milk. The uniform consistence has to turn out. In 15-20 minutes wash away hot water and rinse cold.

6. Do 2-3 times a week compresses. Such procedure expands blood vessels and time, strengthens inflow of blood to skin, relaxes muscles. Clean face and apply to skin thin layer the moisturizing or nutritious cream. Take napkin or gauze, put it in 4 layers in look length of strip and moisten in water of temperature of 39-45 degrees. In this water you can pour broth of camomile in advance and put soda pinch. The napkin should be laid on the person so that the middle has fallen on chin, and the ends on cheeks. To hold 1.5-2 minutes. So it is necessary to do 5 times, then to rinse skin with cool water with addition of juice of lemon and to apply nutritious cream. To remove surplus.

7. Do not touch face skin to currents of day, you keep hands under control. Dust, dirt, sweat promote pollution and lead to skin presenilation.

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