How to save hair during holiday on a seashore?

How to save hair during holiday on a seashore?

Hair were always considered as the main decoration of the girl. Long silk locks draw attention to themselves, it is pleasant to touch soft hair. Therefore many female representatives pay it to part of body huge attention.

Various masks, balms, oils – everything goes on beauty of hair. But once you go to long-awaited holiday, from there the woman comes with the burned-out and dry locks at which without tears you will not look.

Why at the sea the hair weaken?

The bright sun strongly harms not only skin of head and body, but also hair. Very often head skin can get solar burns. Of course, it comes from ignorance more often. But at the same time the dryness, dandruff is formed, there can be itch and hair will begin to drop out. Sea water is not girlfriend of magnificent hair too. It is possible to explain here: salt extends moisture from hair, dries them.

Such pleasant sea wind is strong enemy of our locks too. During breeze the hair are confused, cling the friend to the friend. When combing break and strongly split. So not to go to the sea? To go. It is very useful for health physical and psychological. It is just necessary to take for the rule to look after hair as well as houses.

What to make that on vacation hair remained beautiful?

  1. To drink more liquid. In principle, being in the sun and during heat it is necessary to drink more water, than usually. For appearance hair water is also necessary, as well as for appearance skin. Therefore it is necessary to watch the drinking mode. Not less than 1.5 liters of water a day should be drunk, and maybe it is more.
  2. Shampoos and balms have to be with SPF protection. Many brands release series on hair care with sun-protection function. There are sprays with SPF protection which are very convenient for using on vacation
  3. The head has to be covered with hat, hat or scarf constantly. Burn of head skin can be got even in 20 minutes. It is allowed to remove headdress early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is already absolutely low. At windy weather or during bathing the hair need to be taken away. Choose elastic bands soft, not tenacious which will not do much harm to hair.
  4. After bathing in the sea or chlorinated water (for example, in the pool) it is necessary to wash hair with fresh water. On the beach it is possible to water on the head from usual bottle, and already in number to use the moisturizing shampoo and hair balm.
  5. At least once in week it is good to arrange himself day spa: to do face packs, bodies and, of course, hair. Masks have to be moistening. It to have a positive impact on the general appearance and mood. It is possible to use any oil: coconut, castoric, olive other. Small amount, literally one-two drops, apply on finger-tips, and then on hair. In the conditions of sea air such procedures can be performed every day.

If to follow this advice, then from holiday it is possible to bring not only bright photos, live impressions, but also beautiful silky hair to which rest has done good too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team