How to save hair from loss

How to save hair from loss

Daily the person loses from 30 to 50 hair. It is norm. The hair loss over 50-60 is considered excessive and is consequence of metabolic disorder (deficiency of folic acid or B6 vitamin), nervousness, fright, stress, the general weakening of organism after the postponed diseases (flu, anemia) or hereditary factor. Such phenomenon demands immediate treatment.


  1. Rather well roots of hair are influenced by castor oil. Warm up its small amount on water bath and grease with it head skin (brush or toothbrush). Wrap up the head with warm towel and leave minimum for 5-6 hours. It is convenient to put means for the night. After that the head needs to be rinsed with warm water with use of shampoo. It is desirable to carry out the procedure for 1-2 months once a week. After course of procedures the hair will become stronger, dense and will quicker grow.
  2. In fight against hair loss the good results are achieved by nettle. It is better to apply the young nettle which is cut off even before blossoming. Rinse with the warm prepared broth the head after washing. It is recommended to wash the head with broth of burdock and flowers of calendula. At the same time 20 g of burdock and 10 g of calendula are spent for water liter. It is possible to add several intoxicated cones to the received broth.
  3. It is very useful to rub in head skin juice of aloe, garlic, birch sap and also honey and egg yolk. Mix all components in equal parts and apply on the head, at least for 1 hour. Wash and rinse it with strong infusion of birch leaves.
  4. It is possible to use lime color. At the same time fill in 8 tablespoons of grass floor with liters of water and boil within 20 minutes. It is necessary to wash with the received broth the head for one month. It is desirable to continue the procedure even if on the person the result is noticeable.
  5. In fight against hair loss also masks for them are considered as not less effective. The mask prepared from 50 g of cognac and water and 2 egg yolks will be suitable for any type of hair. Rub the mixed ingredients in head skin, and then distribute means on all length of hair and wash away through third of hour.
  6. The mask from 100 g of pulp of ripe pears, 1 eggs and several drops of burdock oil and lemon juice will be suitable for normal hair. The massing movements apply the received weight to head skin for 15-20 minutes then wash away at first warm, and then cool water.
  7. Preparation of mask against loss of oily hair will require 2 small bulbs and 2-3 heads of garlic. Miss them via the meat grinder and apply on the head, rubbing means in roots of hair. Wrap the head polyethylene and terry towel. In a couple of hours carefully wash away mask the flavored shampoo and rinse with water. This mix promotes food and growth of hair and also decrease of the activity of sebaceous glands.
  8. For dry hair it is useful to use the mask containing cabbage juice, the aloe juice, castor oil and honey taken in equal proportions. The mixed components should be rubbed in hair and to leave for 8-10 minutes. After washing of the head rinse it with camomile infusion with cabbage juice, and then usual water. 1-2 times a week, especially in autumn months of year are desirable to hold such procedures.

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