How to save skin from greasy luster

How to save skin from greasy luster

lucky women at whom even during summer heat the person remains ideally opaque, of course, were lucky. But only owners of dry skin can brag of it, the rest should apply many forces not to allow the person to begin to shine, and cosmetics — to float. There are several advice which will help to save skin from greasy luster and to keep make-up.

If to apply the matting base or foundation on badly cleaned or overdried epidermis, cosmetics will lay down unevenly and will be noticeable. Only be not overzealous: use the cleaning means not more often than two times a day, avoiding washing with soap if this  , of course, not special cosmetic soap. Otherwise it is possible to stimulate excessively work of sebaceous glands that is fraught with rash and irritation. And the various moistening means will help to saturate skin with moisture: creams, gels (they are especially recommended to owners of oily skin), serums and also sprays and thermal waters.

In the hot flying (and at the fat and combined skin — all the year round) they have to lie in make-up bag. Such napkins are made of the special thin paper (for example, rice or hempy) which is well absorbing skin fat. Often they are in addition impregnated with seboreguliruyushchy and antibacterial plant extracts or cover surface with the smallest powder. If necessary the matting napkins can be replaced usual paper — the result will be the same, though not so long.

This simplest and , perhaps, the most effective decision. Ideally all skin care line has to have the matting effect: the cleaning means, tonic, day cream. It is possible to add their action base under make-up, foundation or powder — too matting. Such means differ from usual in the fact that in their structure there are no oils and other fat components, but there are ingredients reducing excess activity of sebaceous glands. If skin at you combined and greasy luster appears only in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), it is better to use base only in problem area.

The composition of cosmetics — both decorative, and intended for face care — has to meet requirements of your skin. If you have fat type, use of cream or foundation for dry skin at best will lead to the fact that the person will quickly begin to shine, in the worst — time will be hammered and inflammations will appear. And vice versa: at dry type of epidermis oily skin drug  will even more dry up face, provoking emergence of early wrinkles and the same gloss.

If on face at you puff pie from the moisturizing, nutritious and sun-protection creams, foundation and powder — in hot day skin inevitably begins to expire fat. Try to manage on weekdays necessary minimum — especially in the flying when skin needs to give rest.

  Masks from clay, especially white and blue best of all cope with excess activity of sebaceous glands. Besides they perfectly absorb skin fat, possess antiseptic action and pull together time. For oily skin which owners are more often than others suffer from unpleasant gloss,  masks which part salicylic acid, zinc oxide or sulfur are also approach: these components have powerful seboreguliruyushchy and antiseptic effect.

Dead cells of epidermis hammer time, causing irritation and inflammation. Srubs or gommages — softer means which are not containing abrasive parts, and taking away the upper layer of the skin at the expense of fruit and vegetable enzymes will help to cope with problem. But you remember: with peeling, as well as with clarification, it is easy to overdo and break protective barrier of skin — as a result not only skin fat will begin to be produced more actively, but also the road will be open for microbes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team