How to sdedat mask for hair from rye bread

How to sdedat mask for hair from rye bread

Rye bread has the mass of useful properties. It is rich with set of vitamins, micro and macrocells and other nutrients. Besides consumption, rye bread can be used in the cosmetic purposes, in particular, as a part of masks for hair.

It is required to you

  • For plain grain mask: - 200 g of rye bread; - 1 glass of boiled water. For mask with nettle and calendula: - 3-4 pieces of rye bread; - 1 tablespoons of dry leaves of nettle; - 1 tablespoons of flowers of calendula; - 1 glass of boiled water. For grain mask on kefir: - ¼ loaves of rye bread; - 1 glass of kefir. For mask on serum: - 200 g of rye bread; - 1 glass of serum; - 1 tablespoons of burdock oil; - 2 tablespoons of colourless henna. For mask on beer: - 200 g of rye bread; - 1 glass of light beer; - 1 tsps of juice of lemon; - 1 tablespoons of castor oil.


  1. Rye bread strengthens and recovers hair, improves their structure, protects from the section and fragility, adds the volume and healthy gloss. Masks on the basis of grain crumb stimulate blood circulation in head skin and feed roots of hair that promotes their good growth. Grain masks can be prepared on water, broths of herbs, fermented milk products and also beer.
  2. To give to hair the volume and softness, make the most plain mask: put 200 g of the rye bread cut by pieces in bowl fill in with boiled water and leave for 2 hours for swelling. Mix the turned-out gruel, apply to head skin and hair. Wrap the head food wrap and cover from above with warm towel. For effective action of mask it will be required to hold it 30 minutes, then to wash away warm water. For giving to hair of gloss rinse them with camomile broth.
  3. To get rid of dandruff, try grain mask with nettle and calendula. Fill in 1 tablespoon of dry leaves of nettle and flowers of calendula with 1 glass of abrupt boiled water, you hold on weak fire within 30-40 minutes, cool and filter broth, fill in with it 3-4 pieces of rye bread and leave for 3 hours. Wash up hair, apply mix, cover with polyethylene film and warm scarf or towel, leave for 40 minutes then remove mask with warm water.
  4. The problem of hair loss can be solved with the help of grain mask with addition of kefir. Small cut ¼ loaves of bread, fill in with kefir and sustain in the warm place of 6-7 hours. Shake up weight in the blender to uniform consistence or wipe through sieve. Distribute mix on hair and wash away in 30 minutes.
  5. Well strengthens hair and the following structure. Cut 200 g of bread small into cubes, fill in with 1 glass of serum, leave for 3-4 hours. Filter mix, add 2 tablespoons of colourless henna, 1 tablespoon of burdock oil, properly mix everything and rub in roots of hair. You hold mask 1.5 hours, then wash away water and shampoo.
  6. Grain masks can be prepared also on beer which contains the vitamins and nutrients useful to hair. Fill in 200 g of crumb of rye bread with 1 glass of beer, leave for 2-3 hours. When bread bulks up, add 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Wipe weight through sieve or shake up in the blender, rub in head skin and distribute on all length of hair. Leave mask for 40 minutes, then remove by means of warm water and shampoo.

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