How to seem is more harmonious

How to seem is more harmonious

There is a wish to become so more harmonious and so there is no wish to go on diet! By the way, several kilograms can be dumped without diets, and it is possible to seem more harmoniously by means of some female cunnings

By means of these 9 receptions it is possible to become more harmonious and more attractive: 1. Let's begin with the fact that we will cease to eat salty food. Salt leads to accumulation of liquid and extra kilos and if to cease to eat it — water will gradually leave cages.

  1. Tea from dandelion leaves will help to accelerate this process. Experts claim that such tea helps some people (not to all) to dump up to 2 kg of weight a day.
  2. Express method for weight loss — the procedure of the strengthening wrapping. The Day spa claims that the effect will be noticeable after one wrapping, and month.4 will hold on. Beautiful suntan will help to seem more harmoniously. It is possible to receive it in sunbed, and it is possible to use autosuntan. It is known that the suntanned body looks more harmonious pale, and some dresses should be put on, only if you have suntanned skin.5. Inspect the linen on suitability. The new bra always slims, you for certain have noticed it. Not to mention the forming linen which can use sometimes too. 6. Put on clothes which do you more harmonious. Refuse baggy tunics and dresses, they do not hide the weight but only do figure visually more. Shapeless — not for harmonious. 7. Choose such length of clothes which reaches the level of the thinnest part of legs. Then those who look at you will mentally finish drawing slim silhouette, being guided by thin leg.8. Put on shirt or blouse navypusk. When such blouse is put on over trousers, illusion of more slender waist is created. If on stomach there is fold, wear blouses with assembly around waist. And here folds need to be forbidden themselves. 9. Use flower perfume. It will help people around to feel as far as you the easy person, their subconsciousness will apprehend you several kilograms more harmonious. There is more: before going to sunbed, on wrappings and to drink dandelion infusion, learn whether you have contraindications for these procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team