How to select hair color according to color of eyes

How to select hair color according to color of eyes

Having recoloured hair, you can considerably will change. But not to make old the person, and to make it brighter and expressive, it is important to choose color correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to consider set of details of your appearance, and first of all - color of eyes.


  1. If you have brown eyes, then you should choose shades of brown, golden and copper colors. The choice of tone at the same time depends in many respects on color of your skin and that, your how dark eyes. All dark shades of the listed flowers which will emphasize beauty of your person well will be suitable for dark brown eyes and swarty skin and will make appearance more natural.
  2. If you have light skin, then it is better to choose not dark shades of caramel and copper. If you have light skin and at the same time the light-brown eyes close on shade to sand color, to you soft shades red, caramel and chestnut will go. Girls with brown eyes should avoid light hair-dyes, otherwise the image will seem unnatural and inharmonious.
  3. Those who has green eyes will be suitable bright paints of the same tones, as for brown-eyed. Hairstyles of golden, saturated chestnut, bright red and copper shades will perfectly look. The bright hair color will emphasize your identity, brightness and expressiveness of eyes, will draw attention of people around and will make your appearance irresistible.
  4. When choosing color for blue-eyed girls will important decide on to what tsvetotip your appearance belongs. If your eyes of the dark saturated color close to blue or turquoise, and skin pink or swarty, then you treat warm tsvetotip. You will suit more dark or bright shades, such as chestnut, golden, copper or red color. If you have light eyes and pale skin, then it is better to choose cold shades of blond or ashy color.
  5. Those who has gray eyes suit practically any shades of hair-dye. But if you want to look naturally and harmoniously, choose tone depending on your tsvetotip. Will be suitable for the people belonging to warm type chestnut, red, copper tone and caramel. That who treats cold type, – blond, ashy and black. But if you have uneven skin, there are wrinkles, scars or eels, it is better to avoid black hair-dye.
  6. Choosing color for hair, consider all details of the appearance, from skin color and eyes before growth and completeness of figure. Besides, think about volume how new color of hair will approach your way of life and environment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team