How to sharpen the razor

How to sharpen the razor

The few men prefer open razor to other ways of shaving. But those who have chosen for themselves this way, consider that it turns ordinary procedure of personal care into the real ritual. But behind such razor leaving is necessary. And first of all, it needs to be sharpened periodically. It can be done by means of various devices. One of operations on care for the razor – honing by water stone. It is desirable to choose stone of rather big size that the edge was located on it completely.


  1. Moisten stone with large amount of water. Press edge to stone surface so that both the edge tip, and its "crest" concerned stone. Carry out by edge on stone surface, reaching edge. You do not hurry and do not press edge too strongly.
  2. Turn edge and carry out by it to the opposite direction. You watch that force of pressing and tilt angle were identical to both parties of edge, otherwise it will turn out uneven. Repeat the procedure several times.
  3. It is possible to sharpen the razor honing bar. Its abrasive surface more high-disperse is also used for "finishing" the razor. Bar before sharpening the razor, it is also necessary to moisten with water.
  4. One more way, perhaps, the most known is sharpening by means of belt and abrasive paste. The belt can be used both specialized, and usual. The main thing that it was rather wide. The choice of abrasive structures for sharpening of edge is rather big. But it is possible to use even the bleaching toothpaste.
  5. Whatever way you have chosen, remember that it is not necessary to be fond strongly of sharpening not to damage plastic steel. If you accidentally peretochit the razor, the problem can be fixed the return honing at which the edge remains motionless, and you drive on it honing bar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team