How to shave eyebrow

How to shave eyebrow

various times different eyebrows were fashionable, and women traditionally followed fashion. Not to torment with tweezers, ladies began to apply vybrivaniye which it is worth treating with care. With not smaller care it is necessary to choose shape of eyebrows not to look ridiculous.

It is required to you

  • - razor;
  • - tweezers;
  • - compress.


  1. If you were tired to potter with tweezers, pass to vybrivaniye of eyebrows. For this purpose at first carry out preparatory work during which you will stock up with the accurate razor. Also previously prepare eyebrows then not to fight against the sticking-out volosika and consequences of low-quality vybrivaniye.
  2. Before vybrivaniye put the degreasing mask or means to achieve ideal result. After that choose shape of eyebrows which will suit your face type. For thin face do a little expanded eyebrows which have to be by all means short. When round face, avoid eyebrows in the form of thin threads as it will make all shape ridiculous. If you are young and vigorous, do yourself wide and short eyebrows that will emphasize your internal hot temperament.
  3. When you are engaged in the eyebrows, be not guided only by fashion. Select shape of eyebrows, being guided by your appearance, type of figure and relevance. Do eyebrows of the most natural form not to look ridiculous. After giving of the necessary form take away the sticking-out eyebrows by means of tweezers, and smooth the others. Use for these purposes special means for growth and laying of eyebrows that will allow you to achieve ideal appearance.
  4. When you have decided that eyebrows are completely not necessary to you, shave them extremely accurately. Previously simulate your future appearance, and already then take the plunge. After full sbrivaniye of eyebrows apply the small cooling mask on their place or make compress to remove irritation.
  5. If you love extreme, shave to yourself thin uzorchik or strip on one eyebrow that will draw attention to your person. You carry out vybrivaniye accurately as hair on this place will differ from the others. Record result by means of special means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team