How to shave hair in bikini zone

How to shave hair in bikini zone

About several reasons try to get rid of undesirable hairs in zone of bikini of the woman. First, to achieve esthetic look (for example, before exit to the beach in open bathing suit). Secondly, before carrying out any operations (Cesarean section, laparoscopy, etc.).

It is required to you

  • - safety razor (qualitative and new);
  • - means for shaving;
  • - warm water;
  • - aftershave.


  1. Before beginning to shave bikini zone, estimate as far as you have long hair. If necessary truncate them by means of scissors.
  2. Prepare skin for shaving. For this purpose take bath or shower, then your skin will be softened and will become more elastic.
  3. Usual toilet soap and shower gel can become means for shaving, of course, but it will be better to use special skin or cream. On sale there are such means calculated just for shaving in intimate zones where skin the person is sensitive today. As a part of such creams and skins, as a rule, there are substances making on skin the calming impact and the irritations interfering emergence.
  4. The safety razor can be bought not necessarily women's, but also too it is better not to use cheap razors of the Chinese production. Do not use the disposable machine more than 2-3 times as it is very easy to wound with dull edge skin.
  5. Apply means for shaving on the shaved area of bikini. The movement of the machine has to happen in the direction of growth of hair. At the same time slightly hold skin with hand. When hairs on the shaved site are very short (2-3 mm), change the direction of the movement of the machine. Carry out few times edge against growth of hair – it will be quite enough.
  6. After each movement of the machine carefully wash out edge in warm water to clean it from the shaved hairs.
  7. Upon termination of shaving carefully rinse area of bikini under warm shower and accurately blot skin with towel. Apply cream or aftershave lotion on the shaved surface. It is necessary for prevention of emergence of irritation.
  8. Remember that the more often you will shave area of bikini, rather she will get used to such procedure and, respectively, the risk of emergence of irritation will be lower. If nevertheless, despite following to these recommendations, the irritation arises after each shaving, then think of choosing other way of removal of hair or even hairstyle of zone of bikini.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team