How to shave hands

How to shave hands

Dark long hand hair to some extent decorate strong half of mankind and give courageous look, and here women long for this reason and try to cover hands. But this problem is solved, it is necessary to shave undesirable hairs only.


  1. Before shaving off vegetation on hands, process leather any srub – it will help to avoid growing of hairs and will remove devitalized epithelium. Of course, if you regularly use srub, before holding procedure it is not obligatory to do it repeatedly.
  2. Apply shaving foam to moist skin and wait several minutes. Then against growth of hair do smooth movements by the machine. Use only safe machines, otherwise you will be cut. Pay attention and to sharpness of edge – the cartridge has to be new.
  3. Well rinse hands under flowing water and apply the moisturizing aftershave lotion. If you have the sensitive skin inclined to irritation, then use cream with salicylic acid or wipe hands with weak spirit solution.
  4. But shaving has essential minus – hairs grow quickly, become rigid and dybitsya. If you want hands to remain smooth as long as possible, then at first you remove vegetation with epilator, and already then shave the remained small filaments.
  5. Completely also wax strips will help to replace the machine. Hair after their use slowly grow and their structure is not broken. Buy strips in any shop, apply to pure leather of hands and quickly break against growth of hair. Of course, the procedure a little painful, but effect is worth it.
  6. If you cannot suffer from pain, but are not happy with quality of shaving, then use hair removal cream. Apply it thin layer to skin, and in 3-7 minutes just remove shovel. It is possible that this procedure will seem to you more pleasant, than shaving. Hairs will grow approximately in 1-2 weeks. Anyway to choose to you. Some women completely accept removal of vegetation from hands by means of the machine, but for the sake of curiosity it is possible to try also other options.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team