How to shave legs

How to shave legs

Contrary to the famous myth that the more often you shave legs, the hairs grow quicker and more densely vegetation becomes independent, shaving has to be regular process, without holiday for the winter period. Otherwise in the short-term period you will have rigid prickly bristle, and in long-term vegetation standing to which cave people could envy. If reddenings, irritation, small wounds and dryness of skin after shaving are familiar to you, so you not up to the end possess information on shaving of legs in due form.


  1. Preparation of skin for shaving. Ideal time for shaving of legs – right after shower or the bathroom as skin of uvlazhen, hairs stick out, therefore, you will injure skin less.
  2. Apply shaving cream. Wait couple of minutes to reach stronger moistening. Pay attention that it is better to take such means which contain scarlet or other component moisturizing and calming the skin. Forget about soap! It strongly dries skin which is already injured during shaving. It is better not to stint and get once big packing of suitable means, on the beauty, as well as on health, it is impossible to save.
  3. Begin process of shaving. If you have very sensitive skin, it is better to shave in the direction of growth of hair, i.e. from top to down. Yes, it will not give that effect as if you shaved against growth of hairs, but will cause injuries to skin much less.
  4. Having finished shaving, to apply special aftershave lotion to skin of legs. You should not replace it with hand cream, it will not give the necessary effect. Besides the composition of lotions and creams after shaving has included the means helping to disinfect and treat cuts and small wounds which can take place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team