How to shave the head

How to shave the head

Some men prefer to shave the head. The reasons at all different, it is just like that convenient to some, others, on the contrary, try to hide the thinning hair. The head it is necessary to shave correctly, it will help to avoid irritation of skin and growing of hair.

It is required to you

  • - machine or the machine for hairstyle;
  • - skin for shaving;
  • - the moisturizing lotion.


  1. Shaving by the podstrigatelny machine without nozzle – the easiest way to get rid of vegetation on the head. Previously wash up hair with shampoo and carefully dry. It will help to get rid of skin fat and will facilitate sliding of the machine. Begin to drive slowly the machine for hairstyle, it is desirable against growth of hair. If to cut on growth, then hair will grow very quickly. After all vegetation is safely removed, wash the head and apply aftershave lotion. It is worth noticing that after sbrivaniye of hair hairs of small length, about about 1 mm remain the machine.
  2. Before shaving with the machine, hair do not need to be washed. Put the head special skin for shaving. Accurate movements begin to shave off hair against their growth. If in places it did not probritsya, then wash the head and repeat the procedure. If during shaving you had had feeling that the cartridge has become blunted – replace it. It is undesirable to use stupid edge, the strong irritation on skin can appear from behind it. After completion of shaving process leather lotion or the moisturizing cream with antibacterial effect. After shaving by the machine hair become a little more rigid and grow quickly enough.
  3. If you do not want to have a shave independently, then address to any hairdressing salon. Men's hairstyles cost not much. The truth in hairdressing salons do not use the machine therefore to you will shave the head the professional podstrigatelny machine. And if you have desire, then to you can make even peculiar drawing

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