How to shave with bikini that there was no irritation

How to shave with bikini that there was no irritation

With irritation after to have a shave representatives of both sexes face. The skin in the shaved place is more sensitive, the it is more than chances on emergence of reaction to shaving. Most often this problem arises at women at bikini zone vybrivaniye.

It is required to you

  • - Good safety razor
  • - Warm water
  • - Means for shaving
  • - Aftershave


  1. It is possible not to shave, of course, in general. As they say, there is no shaving, there is no problem also. But for most of representatives of fine half it is not exit. Therefore they continue to shave, and observance of several simple rules helps to avoid irritation to them.
  2. It is very important to prepare skin for shaving. While you take shower or bath, your skin is softened, becomes more elastic therefore it is better to make the procedure of shaving after ablution of all body.
  3. It is possible, of course, as means for shaving to use usual soap or shower gel, but it is better to use special cream or skin, intended for application in intimate zone. The softening medicines calming skin and counteracting emergence of irritations usually are part of these means.
  4. Choose the good safety razor. It is optional to buy women's razors, but also too you should not use the Chinese edge from the market. When choosing the machine pay attention not to floating heads or quantity of edges, and to its quality and sharpness. Disposable machines can use time 2-3, they are very quickly rebated and will wound gentle integument.
  5. Apply skin or gel on the shaved zone. Begin to shave on the course of hair, slightly holding skin with hand. When on the shaved place there are only hair, short up to 2-3 mm, the razor can be turned against their growth and to produce couple more of movements. After each movement of edge of the machine it is necessary to wash with water in order to avoid their contamination.
  6. Having finished shaving, be rinsed under shower, blot body with towel. Apply on just shaved zone lotion or cream after shaving. It will help you in case all of you have inadvertently injured skin. Damages can be so microscopic that you even about them will not suspect and will notice when the irritation already comes. Therefore it is better not to tempt destiny. Prevention – the best way of avoiding of problems.
  7. The more often you will shave bikini zone, the quicker she will get used to this procedure, and the risk of emergence of irritation will be lower. If, despite everything, the irritation arises again and again, try other type of epilation or hairstyle. After hairstyle of irritations definitely does not happen. Even in bikini zone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team