How to sleep on hair curlers with pleasure: 8 steps to creation of magnificent curls

How to sleep on hair curlers with pleasure: 8 steps to creation of magnificent curls

Many of us tried and precisely know that to sleep on hair curlers - still that pleasure! When then to do wave if hair curlers have to keep minimum on hair of 4-5 hours? To rise really in 5 hours prior to exit from the house? It is very difficult to most of us who in morning rush hour hurry for work or study. Use foam hair curlers which are intended for wave for the night, you only wind them correctly.


  1. Before wave we wash the head and we wait when hair almost dry. The wet, sticking together in icicles hair, are not suitable for wave. We wait for state when hair are scattered, but cool and slightly damp to the touch. It is gold point from which magnificent and very comfortable wave begins! Do not neglect this rule at all. And then your curls will turn out resistant and very beautiful.
  2. There are several types of foam hair curlers. Usual foam hair curlers, hair curlers (or boomerangs) and loksa. The first two views can be used on short hair. However, they have not really convenient plastic or wire parts which can prevent dream. If length of hair allows, it is better to use loksa. They are suitable for hair to shoulders more long. Loks have no firm or some angular parts, they are absolutely soft. Make the choice, anyway on all these hair curlers it is possible to get enough sleep quite comfortably.
  3. Separate locks for wave the thin end of hairbrush. What for? It is one of the most important rules. In the practice I often face that girls not really accurately sort hair on lock and wind them. At the same time hairs from one lock or wound by hair curlers get to another, or remain not curled, cling and reeled up on hair curlers. It brings painful feelings during sleep. Carrying out this rule, all of you divide head hair carefully. Therefore hair curlers on the head are practically not felt.
  4. Consider the size of hair curlers at division of hair into hair partings. Try to divide hair into rectangles of such length and width as your hair curlers. In that case you receive almost saloon result! This rule which professionals use. The standard size is about 7х3 cm. Winding hair on loksa or boomerangs, it is better to do small rectangles too though they will precisely not match the sizes of hair curlers any more.
  5. Carefully comb hair of each lock before turning on hair curlers. Many neglect this rule and by that they spoil both the dream, and impression of hairstyle. Only provide, here some hairs in lock have laid down is crumpled. Hair at wave because of it have stretched unevenly and all night long you felt that something somewhere itches and sips. And having dismissed in the morning the received curl, you see the inaccurate crumpled hairs which spoil all effect of wave. Do not make this slip and your dream will be really comfortable, and wave faultless.
  6. When turning you aim at that all hair in lock were tense equally. Now I will explain. Happens that hair in lock of different length. If you wind hair on usual foam hair curlers or hair curlers, then begin to wind with the middle of lock, that is from that place where it is possible to take all hairs both long and short. Having made one turn, wind the remained tail, and only after that wind upper part of lock, bringing closer hair curlers to the roots of hair.
  7. The more hair curlers will be on the head, the it will be softer and more convenient to sleep.
  8. Enjoy magnificent wave and healthy gloss of the hair. To you is what to be proud, you care for hair, avoiding the injuring influence of other types of wave!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team