How to slow down aging of face skin

How to slow down aging of face skin

Using only integrated approach on face skin care, you will be able to slow down aging process. For day on face dust, dirt accumulate, and daily putting decorative cosmetics aggravates situation. Blockage of time results, eels and various inflammations are formed. Therefore at the end of every day it is recommended to clean face skin, and it is necessary to do it correctly.


1. First of all it is necessary to begin with washing. It is recommended to remove make-up and the dirt which is saved up in day special tonics or similar means. Directly for washing it is recommended to use the filtered flowing water as skin is able to absorb in itself substances which are in various liquids. It is not necessary to wash soap as it contains alkali which does harm to skin. It is better to use skin or milk for washing.

2. Also it is sometimes recommended to do peeling of face. It promotes deep cleansing of time and removes dead cells. In case you have expressed couperosis, inflammation or irritation of skin, before the procedure address the dermatologist to avoid irreversible consequences.

3. Use of masks for clarification of the person is recommended. This procedure needs to be repeated from time to time. During the procedure, time reveals and toxins are removed. At couperosis the clarification can do harm.

4. After have washed away mask, process leather tonic. Thus, time is closed, and the tone of the person will be leveled.

5. After the procedures for clarification of skin it needs to be humidified by means of cream. It is better to apply cream in the morning. As one of options is use of the cleaning masks, but is not more often than one - two times in seven days. You should not forget that if in day to drink necessary amount of water, the skin will be well moisturized.

6. For skin care it is possible to use tonics and lotions. Upon purchase of means it is better to stop on natural structures. Often some women use children's series as similar means safer.

7. You should not forget that mature skin needs additional food which can be received from creams and masks. It is the best of all to do them for the night. It is possible to leave on face them for 15 minutes then carefully to wash away. Otherwise the remains of means will pollute time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team