How to slow down growth of hair standing

How to slow down growth of hair standing

Epilation – problem of modern women. Sometimes hair standing too quickly grow. It is possible to slow down their growth, but only it is work very laborious and requires special attention and concentration. Also it is necessary to perform procedures regularly.

  • Epilator, wax strips, potatoes, cotton tampon

1. First of all begin to shave legs by means of epilator. After use of the razor very quickly I begin to grow hair. Removal by epilator will make hair standing more thinly as it exhausts hair bulbs, in communication by it growth of hair will slow down. Of course, this procedure very painful, but over time you will get used, it will not be so sore any more.

2. Try wax strips in use. This procedure is also very painful, but the effect is worth it. First of all, the frequency of growth of hair considerably decreases. Over time you will resort to epilation wax more and more seldom as hairs will begin to grow much more slowly. On epilation wax you will spend less time, than on removal of hair by means of epilator.

3. To slow down growth of hair, use juice of new potato. Several times a week rub juice of new potato in legs. Take 2-3 potatoes of the average size, squeeze out them them juice, then apply on cotton tampon and wipe legs. It is necessary to do this procedure regularly as from once it is almost impossible to achieve desirable result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team