How to smooth hair

How to smooth hair

The injured hair have untidy appearance, are fluffy and lead own life, refusing to lay down exactly or to keep within hairstyle. It is connected with various reasons, but after all major factor of their bad condition - mechanical and chemical damage. but it is rather simple to put curls in order.


  1. Use the restoring or smoothing hair preparations. The benefit their range in shops is huge, the main thing to pick up what will suit personally your unruly hair. Only regular leaving and use of means of one brand will help to smooth a few damaged structure.
  2. Do masks two times a week which have to contain maximum of the nutritious and moisturizing substances. But you can and just apply heavy cream, sour cream on hair and to take 20-30 minutes, then carefully to wash away everything shampoo. Instead of masks also burdock oil and also mix from camphoric and burdock which needs to be held on hair of 40-120 minutes will approach.
  3. Try not to dry hair phenom, let them dry out in the natural way. And choose hairbrush from natural wood, it recovers curls a little and adds them gloss. But cloves have to be whole. It is necessary to change such brush at least 3 times a year.
  4. Use regularly restoring serums. They something remind oil, but do not make heavier hair, being completely absorbed deeply in structure. They cost rather much, but also they are enough not for one month. You apply it on moist hair and only on that part which strongly is fluffy.
  5. If you have decided to straighten hair the iron, previously put thermoprotection, unhealthy hair from it can only be injured stronger. It is possible to extend curls nippers very seldom, as well as to dry their phenom or to wind the curling iron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team