How to smooth wrinkles on forehead

How to smooth wrinkles on forehead

Wrinkles can be not only sign of age, but also consequence of habit to grimace and frown. Therefore wrinkles on forehead can be received also at young age. If you have noticed that even in the weakened look on forehead there are wrinkles, urgently take measures not to aggravate situation and not to look more senior than the years.


1. Gymnastics. Performance of this exercise takes no more than 2-3 minutes. At regular performance you will see result soon. Small pillows of middle fingers press the center of eyebrows to frontal bone. Counting up to 6, fingers pull eyebrows up, and at the same time frown. Take break for 1-2 seconds and repeat everything upside-down. Also place fingers in the center of eyebrows, only now pull them eyebrows down, and strain muscles of forehead as if you wanted to raise eyebrows. Count to 6 and again take break. Repeat exercise in each situation on 3-4 times.

2. It is possible to smooth considerably and almost instantly forehead skin by means of one of express masks, but its action, as a rule, continues only a few hours. Time for preparation for responsible action can use it in case of deficiency. Apply to forehead skin mix of the beaten egg white and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and you hold, you will not feel yet what has pulled together skin of forehead. Wash away mask cool water. It is desirable to do this mask lying, not to laugh, to grimace to talk while mix remains on skin. Wax mask for lbarastopita cosmetic wax, oil forehead vegetable, dip strip of the cotton fabric which is cut out by the forehead size into warm wax and press it to skin. When wax hardens, remove strip and remove parts of wax. Surely check wax temperature before application not to get burn.

3. Until you get rid of wrinkles on forehead, they can be masked by means of cosmetics. For this procedure you will need the liquid foundation enriched with silicone. The tone with silicone not only levels complexion: its structure will effectively fill small cavities on skin. However all these means will be will not bring due effect if you continue to wrinkle forehead.

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