How to smooth wrinkles under eyes

How to smooth wrinkles under eyes

Kind of women did not want to save the shining and young face, from appearance of wrinkles, unfortunately, not to get to anywhere. However it is possible successfully by means of folk remedies and methods to fight against small mimic wrinkles on skin around eyes.


1. To prepare potato mask for eyelid skin, take table spoon of small cut svezheypetrushka, fill in with half of glass of hot water, cover with lid and let's infuse within 15 minutes. During this time clean potato and rub on small grater. Measure tablespoon of polished potatoes, mix with two table spoons of broth of parsley, before it it needs to be filtered. Add tablespoon of olive oil. Lay out mix on the marlechka put several times, and impose on eyes, having a little pressed. Leave for 20 minutes. Best of all do such mask before going to bed. It is not necessary to wash away potato mask, it is enough to remove the stuck parts cotton tampon.

2. It is possible to prepare nutritious mask which perfectly smoothes wrinkles on skin around eyes. For this purpose take table spoon of crude egg yolk and add quarter of tea spoon of the kindled honey, mix with oatmeal teaspoon. Then very carefully stir the received mix. If it has turned out too dense, it is possible to add warm milk. Put mask under eyes for 10 minutes. Then wash warm water.

3. The mask from usual porridge perfectly will be suitable for the withering skin around eyes. That to prepare it, take half of tablespoon of oat flakes, only medium-sized and fill in with heavy cream or hot milk. Porridge will quickly inflate. Now it is possible to put mask on eyelid skin and to leave for 20 minutes. After the procedure wash away porridge cold water. The effect is noticeable at once: small wrinkles are smoothed, skin looks younger and is fresher.

4. One more mask which is perfectly smoothing wrinkles on skin around eyes. You will need tablespoon of seeds of flax. It needs to be filled in with half of glass of cold water, to put on plate and to bring to boiling. Boil it a little, the dense consistence is not formed yet. Filter weight and grease with it skin around eyes. Leave mask of 25 minutes, then it is necessary to wash at first warm, and then cool water.

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