How to soften heels

How to soften heels

Avitaminosis, diabetes, violations of endocrine system, gastritis can be the reasons of emergence of cracks on heels. But more often cracks arise from wearing socks and tights with high content of synthetic substances, low-quality footwear. If to begin timely treatment, then it is possible to get rid pretty fast of this unpleasant illness and to give to the Piglet well-groomed look.

It is required to you

  • - the moistening and softening means on the basis of vaseline;
  • - boric acid;
  • - paraffin;
  • - onions or apple;
  • - honey;


1. Use after bath, bathtubs or soul and also means for the night moistening and softening based on vaseline. It is possible to smear heels and pure vaseline which better than all means can soften them. Well the bath for steaming of legs in combination with vaseline helps. In glass of water part 1 tsp of boric acid, add the received mix to hot water. Take in it legs of 15-20 minutes, later apply thick layer of vaseline on cracks, stick from above with adhesive plaster and leave for the night. At regular application (every evening) such way can be reached total disappearance of cracks.

2. Effective way of treatment of cracks is paraffinotherapy. Apply the melted paraffin on heels, take a little, and after its removal ship legs in bath with soap and soda solution. Then wipe problem sites with pumice. Repeat such procedure two times a week. In the presence of deep cracks there is danger of entering in infection organism. In order to avoid it use medical antibacterial ointments.

3. In initial stages of emergence of cracks use compress from grated onions or apple. Wrap polished vegetables in bandage and put to the Piglet at several o'clock. From vegetables you can use also cabbage leaf, primotayta its bandage to heel for the night, and apply the moisturizing cream to skin in the morning. Good means is also the honey compress for the night.

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