How to soften rough skin of feet in house conditions

How to soften rough skin of feet in house conditions

In winter time skin of feet especially requires care and moistening. At continuous contact with footwear the dryness increases, small cracks and natoptysh appear. Simple means will help to get rid of them.

What to do at rough skin of feet

Are basic reasons of rough skin of feet: - wrong leaving;

- wearing inconvenient and rigid footwear; - violations in work of endocrine system;

- lack of vitamins and minerals of organism. When choosing footwear it is necessary to pay attention to its size and form. Foot has to feel comfortably in shoe. Do not choose at all footwear if it presses or presses on fingers. The high and unstable heel increases risk of formation of callosities, natoptyshy, rough skin.

At adoption of water procedures it is reasonable to use weekly pumice for peeling of old and dry skin. It allows to improve process of cell regeneration and to soften rough skin of feet. After acceptance bathing it is recommended to apply the moisturizing cream on feet.

It is better to choose fatter means as they perfectly soften skin of legs.

Baths and masks for softening of skin

At rough skin of feet various baths and masks which are rather easy for executing in house conditions help. Before carrying out pedicure it is necessary to steam out carefully skin in hot water with addition of small amount of soda, laundry soap and liquid ammonia. In 20 minutes, skin will be softened then it is possible to start manipulations on removal of the keratosic layer and cuticles. If there were callosities and natoptysh which spoil appearance and hurt when walking, baths with addition of broth of officinal herbs will help. The most effective and useful herbs to skin are the camomile, calendula, St. John's wort, nettle. They remove inflammation, raise tone, soften skin. After steaming carefully process soles pumice, and for the night apply fat cream or vaseline on problem sites.

For softening of skin apply with thick layer vaseline and leave for the night.

Perfectly the bath from oat flakes softens skin. Make 2 tablespoons of oat-flakes in glass of water and add to basin with water. For improvement of result it is possible to mix oat broth with needles infusion. The milk bath does skin soft and smooth. Mix warm water with hot milk in equal proportions and place legs for 20-30 minutes. After the first procedure of foot will become much better. After bath wipe skin of legs with lemon juice which has the bleaching effect. Baths with addition of essential oils allow not only to eliminate rough skin, but also to get rid of fungal defeat of feet. For example, mix 2 drops of oil of bergamot, tea tree, lavender, add to the prepared water and take legs of 15-20 minutes. After the procedure dry wipe skin and apply nutritious cream.

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