How to soften skin of legs

How to soften skin of legs

Probably, each woman wishes skin of legs was soft and well-groomed. But dreams sometimes disperse from reality. The long-awaited summer time and you comes, having got favourite sandals, with grief look at the heels and see that they are far from perfect. But at the corresponding leaving it is quite possible to return to skin of legs appeal.


1. Leg oil will prevent formation of callosities and also will protect skin from mycosis. Take as basis in equal shares of oil of corn, grape seeds, sesame. On 10 ml of basis add 4 drops of essential oils: basil, fennel, sandal-wood tree. The circular massaging movements rub oil in skin foot, pay special attention to skin on heels, here it is possible to rub oils a little more.

2. If skin at the edges of foot and on heels has very much coarsened, then it is possible to use baths. Baths for foot of legs can be various: broths of herbs (sage, mint, pharmaceutical camomile), warm solution of baking soda, water with juice of lemon and grapefruit. Take legs of minutes 15-20 in any of the listed solutions. After that rub problem places pumice or special metal brush. Now apply the nutritious or moisturizing cream on feet. If you have made leg bath before going to bed - for additional softening of skin it is possible to oil plentifully feet olive, mayonnaise or margarine then to put on cotton socks for the night. Several such procedures – and your skin on stupnyakh will be soft and smooth.

3. The coarsened skin on heels will be softened by cleanings of potatoes or gruel from it. On the washed-up legs apply cleanings or gruel and take within 30 minutes. Skin will become soft, and through several such procedures also cracks will disappear.

4. The milk leg bath will help at the coarsened skin too. Pour warm milk in basin, lower feet of legs and take minutes 20. After bath rub feet, using lemon slice. The lemon has the good wound healing, antiseptic and also softening properties.

5. If on heels there were cracks, then it is possible to use mask from apples. Grate apple, fill in with milk that dense gruel has turned out. Bring mix to boiling. Apply the cooled-down mix to problem skin. Lie down with mask on stupnyakh about an hour, and then wash away. Well after mask to apply to skin with cracks glycerin or wound healing cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team