How to soften water for washing of hair

Many cosmetologists warn against washing of hair hard tap water as the salts which are contained in such water badly influence head skin and hair. However, there are several widespread ways of softening of water in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - lemon juice;
  • - linen seed;
  • - vinegar.


  1. One of enough known ways of softening of water – winterizing. For water treatment this way take several plastic bottles, pour in them water and place bottles in the freezer.
  2. As soon as ice thickness on walls of bottles reaches two centimeters, take out bottles and pour out of them water which has not managed to freeze. When the ice which has remained on walls thaws, can use melt water for rinsing of hair. The same water is recommended to use for washing.
  3. Other way to prepare melt water consists in freezing of water and removal from ice of opaque middle part. All other ice can be melted for washing of hair and washing.
  4. Boiling helps to receive the water suitable for washing of hair too. To remove from salt water, doing it rigid, this way, it is recommended to boil water within hour. Then let it stand.
  5. For softening of water sometimes recommend to use lemon juice. To use this way, you will need one teaspoon of juice on water liter. Lemon juice is part of many house care products for hair, but before beginning to use constantly for washing of hair the water softened in such a way, be convinced that you have no allergic reaction to lemon juice.
  6. One more house way of preparation of soft water for washing of the head consists in addition in water of broth of linen seed. For preparation of broth boil water liter, pour out in it tablespoon of seeds and you boil mix within five minutes. Let's broth infuse within hour, filter it and pour out in water for washing of the head.
  7. For softening of tap water often recommend vinegar. To use this way, add vinegar teaspoon on one liter of water. Such structure is used for giving to gloss hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team